Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Cards with Stamps, Stickers, and Sharpies

We made some pretty awesome Halloween cards over the weekend!  As you can see we've been practicing our spider web and spider drawing skills!  My last post tells you how to draw a simple spider web if you want to check it out here.  We were at Grandma M's and she presented us with some blank cards, stamps, stickers, and sharpie markers and we were good to go!  Here are some of the cards that C and I made.  We made over 20 or so cards!

Here are all the supplies. (stickers gone!)  Grandma M was so Generous to let us use her crafting supplies!!!

I know this isn't the happiest picture, but this is the one that came out! C really did have a wonderful time making her Halloween cards! These cards will be sent to friends and family for the Halloween Season!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Those cards are adorable! I am looking forward to some card making at Christmas time - we don't send out Halloween cards.

  2. Just commented back to you on my blog, I'll repost it here in case you forget to check back:

    Omigosh! I just looked it up! Water Beads has been around for awhile used for vases and this company is marketing it for kids now! haha! The spa commercial made me laugh... kids being stressed? and why buy that whole fancy toy when all you can do is put the beads in a bin like we did, LOL!

  3. Such cute activities! Thanks for letting me know about my post on that site. Unfortunately, there is NO contact info on the page! So frustrating. Even their facebook page took me back to their main page. Thanks again for letting me know.

  4. I love it! We're going to start a mail exchange program where children in the class mail letters to family members, who are encouraged to write back to the children at school. We're hoping receiving mail motivates our children to do more writing in the future. We'll definitely be making Halloween greetings now!