Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monster Fingers and Eyeball Dip

Tracy from the California Black Olive Committee asked me to create a "spooktacular" Halloween recipe/craft in promotion of their delicious product!  Ironically we are HUGE fans of  California Black Olives here at The Chocolate Muffin Tree!  We created a scrumptious Recipe for Monster Vegetable Fingers and Mushroom Eyeball Hummus Dip! What do you think?

We received an Awesome box of "stuff" (and more) to help us get started in creating our recipe/craft! Take a look! It was definitely enough to get us Super Excited about our creation!

Cassie even got into the action as you can see pictured here! We were just getting started!

Here is our Monster Fingers and Eyeball Dip!  A Healthy Halloween Treat!  I sliced up some carrots and celery for the monster fingers.  I added notches in the carrots and celery for wrinkles in the fingers. The split olives became the fingernails.  I used hummus to make the olives stick to the vegetables.  Button mushrooms with sliced olives dipped in hummus became the eyeballs!  

I had a lot of FUN with this and almost wish I could have a job doing  creative food projects like this!!!
I'm so Thankful that the California Olive Committee chose me to be involved in this project! Yay for me!

Some Amazing Information about California Black Ripe Olives:

- California olive growers produce more than 95 percent of the black ripe olives grown in the U.S.  These growers operate multi-generational family farms from the inland valleys of California from San Diego County to far north of Sacramento County.

- From breakfast to dinner.  January to December.  And from every day to gourmet.  Olives are as casual or as elegant as you like,  adding color, texture and flavor to any meal.

- You can "like" California Black Ripe Olives on Facebook here.

- For more information (recipes, history, nutrition, industry)  about California Black Ripe Olives go to:



  1. This is FABULOUS Melissa!!!
    And it looks like fun to create. It's so great to see a healthy Halloween snack.
    I love Cassie's spooky fingernails as well!

  2. I like the monster fingers! What a healthy snack!

  3. looks fun and delicious! What kind of hummus did you make?

  4. This post gave me craving for those olives. We might do it for an adult party we are invited to - looks really spooktacular!