Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inspiration to Draw Owls !!!

Do you recognize this owl? It is from a T-shirt from our local Target that inspired us to draw owls for a couple days.  Owls have become very popular and I have noticed them cropping up everywhere! I explained to C that an Artist designed this owl on her shirt and she instantly was inspired to begin drawing owls!  I thought this was a good opportunity to teach Cassie about  "Art" being in our every day lives.  I talked to her about how our furniture, video games, computers, cars, shoes, houses, clothes, and even cereal boxes are designed by special types of Artists.  Most people don't even think about this! Do you?

Here is C drawing owls with her Owl shirt!!!

More owls!

Drawing owls the next day!

Even Mom was inspired by this shirt to draw owls!

It is fascinating to think about all the things that have been designed by Artists and it makes for a great discussion.  I hope you have or have had this discussion with your children!!!

Have you ever explained to your children that Art is all around them?

Have you ever thought about  Art being in your every day life????

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  1. oh my gosh, i think about this all the time!! all the time. there's inspiration everywhere, and i love that you took it from a t-shirt. great way to introduce this idea to cassie, and i love her little owls. happy halloween!

  2. Like you, I think it's really important to let children know that everything around them has been designed by someone - they're often quite taken by the idea, and it comes as something of a revelation!
    Some wonderful owl drawings you have there.

  3. As and illustrator who has drawn for children's books, beauty products, wrapping paper, cards, and even etched glass windows—I too have shared the "art around us" with our children. I think it is wonderful you have thought to do that too. Often the everyday things we wear or use have art on it made by anonymous artists who add whimsy, fun, and cheer to our day! Cheers to you for sharing that with your daughter.

  4. Hey, Melissa,
    Cassie's owls are extremely cute, and she has developed them quite abit after one day.Your owls are really cute too!
    I love pictures of owls alot.

    I will talk with my children more about this, I know when I read a story I'll emphasize the person who created the art. But art is all around us.

    By the way, for a lovely blog or two, which features devastatingly beautiful art and some book illustrations I'd like to encourage you to look at : "Moonlight and Hares"; and "Drawing a Line in Time". Another wonderful one is "Notes from the Rookery". They are by amazing women in the United Kingdom, and feature many animals and birds, and quite a few owls. I think you'd love the art, and the experience of visiting/following them. And I think Cassie might enjoy seeing their beautiful art work.

    I don't really know how to send you a link to them, but if you looked on the sidebar of my Mullin Avenue blog, I have them listed on the "Blogs I follow", and you could click on them there to access them.


  5. Cute owls! I should highlight art around us more often, I am more prone to stress math around us :)

  6. What fun, my girls have been asking a lot lately "who made this?" and "where does this come from?" and "who drew the picture for this book?" But I don't know if they've noticed that they are actually wearing art. Fun post, thanks for sharing it on Monday Madness!

  7. I love that shirt! Owls are awesome. What a great thing to talk to your child about. I was looking at a stained glass window today and thinking about the artist who designed it 100 years ago and wondering what they were thinking. Art is all around us.

    Thanks for sharing at Monday Madness. Hope to see you back again tomorrow.