Outdoor Ideas

Soap Bubbles and Colored Ice Play

Sorting Sea Shells

Land Art On The Beach

Painting Sea Shells With Watercolors

Decorating Your Bike or Scooter with Pipe Cleaners

Creating Bubble Snakes

Ice Play Ideas

Colorful Mud Paintings

Our Mud Bakery and Cafe Reinvented

Wet Chalk Fun: Making Handprints and Footprints

Outdoor Nature Collage

Exploring Snowflakes...Up Close

Snow Painting

Spray Painting Snow

Snow Bunny Sculpture

Pretend Dandelion Cupcakes

Exploring Yucky Worms

DIY Crushed Chalk Paint

Pine Cone Sculpture

Straw Painting

Contact Paper Nature Collage

Mother's Day Sun Catcher

Mud Painting

Easel Painting---Trees

Floating Sponge Sculpture

Mud Bakery

Painting With Ice Cubes

Rain Shadows

Shadow Play

Pool Noodle Floating Sculpture

Caterpillar Journey---Observation

Rock Art

Snowmen in August---Ice Sculptures

Pretend Potion Lab

Land Art

Plastic Bottle Water Wall

Queen Anne's Lace Experiment

Colorful Ice Sculptures

Rain Walks and Umbrellas

Our Local Caverns

Outdoor Fall Leaf Art

We Love Dandelions

Our Bird Nest Creation

Super Cool Kites to Make with Kids

Learning to Ride a Two Wheeler Within Seconds

Photography: ABC Scavenger Hunt

Painting Shells With Watercolors