Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spin Art Without The Spinner

This idea was taken from Teach Preschool's post: Paper Plate Spin Art Without The Spinner For Preschoolers. I was very inspired by this post and knew that Cassie and I would try it soon! We love Spin Art and I thought it would be great to try it without the spinner! This project became all about Mixing Colors in the end! To begin we squirted a bunch of tempera paint on a paper plate. (I would use much less paint than what is pictured here!)

Then after you've put some paint on the paper plate, flip it over carefully on a sheet of paper. (I helped with this) Then twist the paper plate with your hand a few times.

Lift the paper plate up and you will have made your spin art without a spinner! We had so much paint on the plate we printed it again! So we had spin art on the paper plate, and two other paintings!

Here is one print.

After using multiple colors, we experimented with mixing primary colors. First we mixed yellow + red...

...to create spin art with different oranges like: yellow orange and red orange!

Then we mixed yellow + blue...

...to create yellow green and blue green!

Last, we mixed blue + red...

...to create red violet and blue violet!

So you can use both the painted paper plate and the paper print as art, and print more if you have used more paint! So we have a bunch of Spin Art Without The Spinner now!!!

Any ideas of what we could create these into?

Also, these could be purely experimental art too!!!


  1. What a lovely art! Kid friendly! My daughter would love to do it!

    Just an Idea, May be you can cut it into a Colorful butterfly, flowers, or do a collage

    If you interested you can please check this

  2. I love it! And it's so easy. I think my boys would love doing this. Thanks for the great idea. I love all of your arts & crafts posts. We're making cars made out of repurposed containers tomorrow...inspired by you. :)

  3. They are stunning, I love the first one with all the paint, simply wonderful!
    Perhaps you could make over-sized petals out of some pictures after they dry and stick them to the back of the paper plate painting and make a massive sunny flower?
    I am putting this on my list of things to try later =) Thanks for such an inspirational blog!

  4. HA HA! When I first scrolled through I thought the pictures showed her using her hand to spin the paint... I love the plate idea. I'm pretty sure Little M will end up using her hands, but I'll try it with the plate first!

  5. I like Esther's idea of turning them into butterflies. Do you have one of those craft hole punches in an interesting shape? Bunting or thank-you cards. Or what about cutting out the circles to make some indoor street lamps?

  6. Love how you extended it into color mixing activity!! Well you can turn these into any animal or bird you want, just trace the outline on the backside and cut:) (like what i did for easter silhouette cards)
    Join them to make Big caterpillar, a garland would be great too...

  7. I love the color mixing aspect too! So fun to see you tried this idea! I want to do some more with this soon!

  8. I loved Deborah's spin art idea too! What about hanging them in a mobile type thing - I wish paper made noise because then you could make a wind chime of a sort. Something along those lines.

  9. Hooray! Spin art without a spinner!! We don't have a spinner and finally we get to have a go....

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty again!

  10. Melissa,
    This is beautiful, I love the effect, and the fun involved.
    I'll definitely be doing this one with my children!

  11. What an easy and cool idea! I've done spin art in a salad spinner, but never with NO spinner!

  12. I love this idea. thanks for sharing at my link party again. You always do so many great things. I would love to be your daughter.

  13. I love spin art! Without a spinner- that's great! You could turn them into Father's Day cards?!?

    Thanks for linking up with The Sunday Showcase!