Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spider Web Drawings

We've been creating spider web drawings! Cassie loves making them and it is actually quite simple and gratifying!  This may not be how a spider actually weaves a web, but the way we have been drawing them makes it super easy for a child!  Having been an art teacher,  my experience has been that all kids love to draw spider webs and spiders!  I know I do too!!! Here is one of many webs with spiders C has drawn.  She has become a little obsessed!

To create a web,  first begin with a small circle in the middle and draw a larger circle around each successive one.  It should look like a target.

Then add lines from the middle circle to the edge of the paper or as close as you can come to it!  C never really wanted to draw the lines to the edge.

Here is C with her finished orange web and now she started to draw spiders.  Make sure to have 8 legs!!

She wanted to draw lots of spiders and insects caught in the web!!!!

Here is just some of the spider webs C has drawn!  She is very proud of all her webs and spiders. This is a great activity for Halloween or when learning about Spiders and their webs.  Kids are always fascinated with spiders webs!  Be sure to check out some cool links about spiders and webs below! 

Stay tuned because we'll be having more posts about spiders and spider webs!!!

Cool Links About Spiders:
Spider Books

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  1. Eek! Being an arachnophobe, I am only moderately excited about spider webs and spiders, but C's webs are very colorful.

  2. I love Cassie's drawings. I'd never considered that drawing webs, and spiders are fascinating, but now I can see that it is. I do know that children are always interested in spiders. thanks for these links, Melissa.

  3. I love these. We may have to do some tomorrow. Sooo cute! (& I LOVE her hair!) :-)

  4. Very cute drawings and thanks for the links :)

  5. Nice tutorial. I wonder if my 3 year old would be up for this? I'm gonna give it a go and see :)