Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Tree Birthday Cards!

Remember the tissue scraps we had left over from our Bleeding Tissue Fall Leaves? We couldn't just throw them away,  so we made Fall Birthday cards for Daddy!  He always enjoys Fall because his  birthday is in October and it is his favorite season.... so these were the perfect cards for him!

To make the cards we first folded some paper into cards and then drew some trees without leaves.  Then added some grass!

Next we simply glued our tissue scraps and used them as Fall leaves for our Trees!   Cassie made two and I made one! So FUN!

Here is our array of cards that we made.  Daddy LOVED them all!

And he especially LOVED his sign made by C !!!

What other ideas do you have for Tissue scraps?


  1. What sweet birthday cards! I love them!

  2. Cassie's dad is a lucky man!
    Lovely fall cards, and made with love too!

  3. Pretty! I can tell which one is yours :)

  4. Great idea for tissue scraps! We still gotta do something with ours :)