Monday, October 17, 2011

Oil Pastel Decorated Pumpkins

We were using oil pastels the other day when making our Colorful Bumpy Spider Webs and these pumpkin gourds happened to be sitting on our table.... so they got some color too!!!  Cassie enjoyed coloring on this different surface.  It was just a spur of the moment experience I thought I would share! They are really cool!

Here you can see that we had just finished our Colorful Spider Webs and C happily coloring away on these cute pumpkin gourds!

You could use markers, crayons, feathers and buttons like Tinkerlab,  paint like My Creative Family, Sparkles like The Imagination Tree,  and even play dough like Teach Preschool to decorate your pumpkins! The ideas are endless!

What other ways have you decorated pumpkins?

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  1. This is a nice idea, and tomorrow I plan to let my children do this. We have gourds we've been playing with, and I'm sure colouring them would only increase our enjoyment!