Sunday, November 20, 2011

Construction Paper Strip Sculpture

We made sculptures using construction paper and glue.  These sculptures are super FUN and I guarantee that all kids will LOVE this!!!  As an art teacher, I would do this project with all levels.  It can turn out very abstract and then some kids will have a vision of what they want to create too!  Here is C's masterpiece!  She said her sculpture was a Roller Coaster Playground!

All you need for this project is some construction paper cut into strips,  glue,  and a full sheet of paper to build on.

Before starting it is a good idea to show some ways you can fold paper to create different shapes and lines. Also, make sure to talk a little about building and the idea of building supports and not to make it too top heavy.  I showed Cassie how to create an accordion (fan) fold, spirals, circles, squares, and to make sure to bend tabs on the ends of the papers.  Kids will come up with their own ideas too!

C loved this!  She is definitely a builder! Some kids may need a little more help,  and others will work very independently with this project.  I talked to C about putting dots of glue and holding for 10 seconds (counting to 10 to herself).  I showed her if you hold it for less the papers may not hold together.

Here it is really taking shape.  C chose to build a lower structure,  but this project can get pretty tall  if  a child chooses to build more vertically.

Here is C's finished sculpture again! I love the torn pieces added to the base of the sculpture.  Very proud!

Here is just the beginning of my sculpture!

We used Tru-Ray Sulphite Construction Paper, which is my absolute Favorite because it  has such bright colors, doesn't fade as fast, and doesn't tear as easily.  It can be frustrating using the cheaper brands of construction paper!  It is usually more expensive, but through it is only $1.75 for 50 sheets!

Happy Paper Sculpting!!!


  1. Cassie, did a great job here!
    I like the idea of the roller coaster playground.
    The colours are nice, thank you for sharing about this type of construction paper!
    This was a helpful post - my children have been working towards 3d with paper but I haven't been paying as much attention to it, as I could have. They have been finding scraps and glueing them on in "piles", which I thought was nice, but now I think I will have some great ideas to help them develop this!
    thanks, Melissa!
    And you have reason to be proud of Cassie's creativity!

  2. Neat! We have a lot of construction paper to use up. I'll have to add it to my list of awesome ideas from your blog to try! :)

  3. Beautiful! I used to do this with my gifted and talented kids at school- always a lovely project with wonderful, open-ended, process based results! She did v well for her age! impressed :-)

  4. What a neat idea - love these sculptures. So simple and so free-form!

  5. This is a cool project! I saw it on Mister Maker`s program a few days ago and thought that we definitely need to try that one.

    Great job Cassie!!

  6. Oh, how fun. What a great idea. I'm going to do this one with my boys. Thanks for sharing this idea. Love your creations.