Saturday, May 31, 2014

Revisiting Creating Bubble Prints

Creating Bubble prints is a great outdoor or rainy day activity. We first made these 3 years ago and it continues to be The Chocolate Muffin Tree's most popular post of all time.  It is quite addicting! Here's how to create them:
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First you need some water, tempera paint, and dish soap.

Mix about a 1/2 cup of water, 2 Tablespoons of paint, and a few squirts of dish soap in each container. We experimented and added a little more dish soap if needed!  My daughter thought it was fun and enjoyed the mixing part.

Then add a straw to each container and make sure you blow into the mixture. It is like blowing bubbles in your milk or juice. She LOVED this part a lot! It was an excuse to do something that she usually is told not to do.

Once you have a huge bubble foam on the top of the container you are ready to lay a paper on top to print the bubbles. The bubbles will "POP" and create a print.

Here is our best bubble print.... we made lots and lots.

I made the bubble prints into cards. They look so pretty and friends and family members are always amazed with how they were created. This technique would create Great wrapping paper too.

Now back to blowing bubbles and trying to catch them.

Have FUN Exploring Bubbles