Sunday, February 27, 2011

Revisiting Snow Painting!!

Well, since we were dumped on with all this snow again it gave us another opportunity to paint the snow!!!  This time we used brushes instead of spray bottles.  We used about a cup of water and five drops of food color or liquid watercolor. The brush method was not working well because the mixture was freezing on our brush so we ended up doing more of a Splatter Painting like the artist Jackson Pollock. So here were our results:
Cassie enjoyed the Splatter Painting, but then I suggested spraying the trees with the spray bottle technique and thought that turned out pretty! (spray bottle technique) I was really disappointed with the brush idea and knew we had to wait for a bit of a warmer day! Here is a tree picture:
We ended up having a warmer day yesterday so we tried out the brush technique again.  Still pretty discouraging for a preschooler, but I noticed that the foam brushes were working better because they held more color and spread it out better!  Much better success!  Solution: Use a foam brush and wait for a day over freezing!!!
Here is my little Artist at work:
Here is a BEAUTIFUL snow painting (with a foam brush)!!!!  The Artist told me that it is herself with the sun and it is raining!!! I think she is ready for Spring!!!
Have you had successes with snow painting?

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Hat Like The Cat In The Hat!

I told Cassie that today we were going to make a Dr. Seuss hat.  I told her who Dr. Seuss was and that he wrote all the books with "the cat in the hat" on it!  Soon after this, she went to grab all of our Dr. Seuss books and wanted me to read them all to her!!!  We definitely had a Dr. Seuss filled day! Here is the hat we made----it could be a sculpture too:

First, we used two 12"x18" white papers taped together on the 18" sides (or use a 24"x36" paper).

We cut a bunch of 1 inch by 36 inch strips of colored paper for the stripes of the hat.

We glued the stripes using tiny dots of white glue across the colored papers.

I helped to pick the long stripe of paper up and turn it over onto the large white paper.  Too hard for a preschooler! You could create a pattern or multi-colors.

Next, to make the hat "extra fancy" we painted between the stripes with shape and line details!

My daughter decided to paint on the stripes too and I think that looks great too!  BEAUTIFUL WORK!
Now, to let it dry for a few hours!

Before fitting it to wear----fringe one longer side about three inches in or so! Fold up the fringe for the brim of the hat.

I carefully shaped the fringed end around my daughter's head, took it off then stapled it! (kinda tricky to get the right fit at first!) Then, I stapled the top and then it was ready to wear or display!

One Happy Girl!!!!
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
Our Dr. Seuss books!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Recycled Paper Tube Sculpture!

This is My Favorite Post from 2011,  I've included the blog hop at the end of this post to attach your own favorite post if you are a Blogger! Check out all the other Favorite/Best Posts too!

As I said before, we've been collecting a lot of paper tubes and trying out projects with them.  It is amazing how many tubes you can collect in just a month!  Recycled arts and crafts are really the way to go and inexpensive.  My daughter and I created a Tube Sculpture and it turned out really cool!  We could add other things to it,  but I think it will stay like this for a while until we think of something to add! Any ideas?

So the first thing we did was collect some tubes and lay them all out to see what we had.  Then I started cutting some into smaller sizes and my daughter enjoyed fringing out some of the tubes.  Tubes are too difficult to cut for preschoolers.  Older kids may be able to cut them! We used a piece of cardboard from a gift box for the base of the sculpture.  

Then we started gluing the tubes to the cardboard base.  I put white glue in a recycled jar lid and we dipped the ends of the tubes carefully making sure to shake off excess glue!!! 

I reminded my daughter that you need to let the tubes dry because they will not stick right away.  To stick tubes sideways or on top of other tubes I used some tape to hold them on and then removed the tape after the sculpture was dry. This part was a lot of fun!!!  We let this part dry for a day.

After we let it dry, we painted our sculpture.  Cassie wanted to paint it right away (that night), but she waited!  We painted one color at a time. I think this helped to focus her attention instead of giving her a million colors at a time! We really enjoyed building the sculpture the most!  Painting is always fun, but my daughter is a clean freak and has to wash her hands after any bit of paint on her!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tiny Crowns For A Little Princess!

I've been working on some projects using paper tubes...since I have collected so many! I came across these Great little crowns on the blog: lilla a and thought they were  so simple and so sweet.  Also, on this blog, there is a great tutorial for them too.  All the ideas on this blog have a certain simplicity that I just love!!! So my daughter and I decided to try these!  I think they turned out so beautiful. Ours are taller, but that makes them unique!!!  So grab some paper towel or toilet tissue tubes and shorten them up a bit and cut a zig-zag edge on one side and then you are ready to paint them! The best part!  After they are dry,  add some stickers or spangles,  punch two holes and then add some elastic cord (in the beading or sewing section).  These would make great princess or king crowns for a party!

Our Crowns!
Little Princess!
Princess and possibly decorations?

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Magnificent Magna-Tiles

This post is inspired by the blog Tinkerlab and their post about doing a creative experiment with Legos. Tinkerlab has a great blog if you haven't checked it out!  One of our favorite building toys in our house are Magna -Tiles by Valtech! and they have been our favorite toy since last Christmas.  We discovered Magna-Tiles at my daughter's preschool and it was her absolute favorite toy that she always told us about each day so it became the number one toy for a  Christmas gift.  Magna-Tiles are great because they are an educational toy that encourages Creativity,  Math (Geometry), and Science.  Plus they are just SO COOL and FUN!  They are expensive, but worth every penny since we have played with them so much! Take a look at some of our creations:

Tall, Tall Tower!

Vehicle by Dad!

Flower by me!

My daughter loves to create buildings all by herself!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Body Crayons Were A Blast!

My daughter received The Body Crayon Book by Klutz from her Grandma and she just can't get enough of it! We had so much fun with it today and she was laughing over and over! The book has great ideas for body art and comes with body crayons and a sharpener. I had to keep the sharpener out of reach because she loves to sharpen and we would have no body crayons if I let her sharpen! I am very happy with this book set and if you don't mind your kids getting dirty you should be O.K. with it too!  Some may want to wait until there is warmer weather and you could just wash them off in a pool. 

Feet Creations!

Heart Glasses and Shamrocks!

Hand Creations!

More Hand Creations!
Have Fun!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What To Do With Magic Nuudle Creations?

I was always apprehensive about buying these Magic Nuudles,  but finally decided to buy them about a year ago and we LOVE them! Magic Nuudles are biodegradable building blocks made from cornstarch and you just need to dab them with a damp sponge to stick them together!  No other materials are needed!  Well, we collected all these little projects and didn't know what to do with them until visiting a friend who had the idea to string them together--FABULOUS! Why didn't I think of that?

 Here are our creations before the garland!
Just take a tapestry needle or a plastic needle and string
your Magic Nuudle creations on some yarn and you'll
have a CUTE, COOL,  and COLORFUL
garland, necklace, or ornament!


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Monday, February 14, 2011

BEAUTIFUL Yarn Hearts!

Finally created these yarn hearts thanks to the blog Chalk In My Pocket . This is truly a beautiful blog and if you haven't checked it out I recommend it! Originally I saw this idea in the Family Fun February 2011 magazine.  My daughter was a little apprehensive getting her hands gooey, but really enjoyed it!

Here is a finished heart with purple and red yarn.
Thicker yarn works better after experimenting!

Use a cookie cutter heart or a pipe cleaner shaped into a heart on a wax paper lined tray to frame the loopy yarn shapes.  I used 4 oz. water to 2 oz. of white glue mixed together to dip 12 inch yarn strips into the mixture. Carefully squeeze most of the glue and water mixture off the yarn  with two fingers and swirl the yarn pieces into the heart.  Messy--but fun! Make sure to overlap the yarn and fill in the edges so your creation will resemble a heart. Too little yarn will be too flimsy! Cassie really enjoyed putting the yarn in the heart!  You need to let the heart dry for a day so that it will stiffen up. You can add a string to hang the heart like an ornament.

I love how they look with more than one color! Next time I would try
more colors or use a multi-color yarn to start. Glittery yarn looks cool!

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Kids Get Crafty!

Bringing Color To The Snow!

Do you want to bring some color to this Winter?  My daughter and I did this activity yesterday and last year and enjoyed it a lot!  I look back at last years pictures and she is so Big! You'll need some spray bottles, water, food color, and water!

Bringing some Love to Winter!

You need about 5-6 drops of food color per 1 1/2 
cups of water!

Spray, Spray, Spray away!!!
Here is Cassie at age 3!
Have Fun!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tutorial On POP ARTish Spin Art Valentine Cards

I thought I would create a detailed tutorial of my posts on POP ARTish Spin Art Valentine Cards. So here it is:

Here is a finished product!

First you need a spin art machine! Mine is a Melissa & Doug Swirl 'n Spin Art Machine    
It comes with 4x4 glossy cardstock that I used
for paper.

Now start swirling around your paint! I used
watered down Acrylic Delta Ceramacoat paint.

Metallic colors look cool!

Now remove and you have an awesome Spin Art!

Trace a heart shape.  So not do a folded cut heart or
it will ruin your Spin Art! It is almost better to trace 
on the back so there is no line showing.

Now cut out the heart and save both pieces. You may 
be able to use the negative heart for a project too!

Use glue stick to glue on a 4x5.5" card.

Now just add some Metallic Prang Markers around
the heart and add a message inside the card!

They are very POP ARTish!
BEAUTIFUL Valentines or for any occasion to
celebrate LOVE!