Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pipe Cleaners, Googly Eyes and Play Dough

We made these aliens/insects/creatures from colorful play dough,  pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.   We received a great fun pack of these from!!!  We had a lot of FUN and admired our sculptures long after they were made! By adding the pipe cleaners and googly ideas, it added a whole new dimension to our play dough! I know we will be doing this again!  Be sure to check out 34 Ways to Play With Play Dough from Hands On: As We Grow for some more wonderful ideas to bring excitement to your play dough!

What Creative Things Have You Done With Play Dough???
More Inspiration To Make Play Dough Monsters/Aliens/Creatures:

Feather and Googly Eye Monsters from The Artful Parent

Not So Scary Play Dough Monsters from Pink and Green Mama

Play Dough Monsters from Happy Home Fairy

More Play Dough Monsters from I Can Teach My Child

Even More Play Dough Monsters from Paper Crafts Connection

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  1. Great idea Melissa! Henry's been wanting to make monsters, we may have to try it with play dough. Thanks for linking to my roundup :)

  2. Oh, I love these. So colourful and I like the fact that these provide ample open-ended art opportunity for a kid.

  3. LUV the way that these turned out!!! I've just 'pinned' them into my "Monster Spray" collection over at Pinterest. LUV the color. LUV the possibilities.

    Thanks for your continued creativity for the wider world.


  4. Oh, look at those cute play dough monsters! Great photo! Yesterday my daughter was making pies with our play dough (from a batch I made 6 months ago -- the stuff can last forever!). I usually bring out all our tools, but yesterday it was just the dough. And it surprised me to see how creative she could be without any additional things.

  5. The creatures are so cute! I was happy to just make it for the first time!

    I'm not a good crafter but here's our post on the experience. You can see my sculpture is not quite as cute as yours. :)

  6. Last year we played with home-made playdoh which we turned into Squishy Circuits -

    It was really fun! The website for Squishy Circuits is and has very detailed instructions.

    Last week we went to the World Maker Faire in NYC and Squishy Circuits was there too and their display was one of the busiest with both kids and adults enjoying the play.

  7. I LOVE what you did with your play dough creatures! Wow! And thank you for including the Fairy in such a fun post! :-)

  8. What a brilliant post, very cool idea!

  9. Thank you for joining in the Kids Art Explorers :)