Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snowmen in August!

We revisited our ice sculptures again! In case you missed our post on this check it out here Colorful Ice Sculptures.  This time I froze a bunch of balloons filled with water to create many fascinating orbs of ice for Cassie to work with and it was a success!  C called these ice sculptures her "Snowmen Sculptures".  As you can see,  they do look like snowmen!  Again,  we used spoonfuls of salt and eyedroppers filled with liquid watercolors and food coloring.  It was very challenging stacking the ice,  but they did stay!

Cassie was so serious!

More color added! 

A spray bottle was fun to add water to the salt and color! The snowman was getting smaller!  

And smaller! A lonely snowman!

If you haven't tried this with you should!  For a more colorful inspiration and information check out our post: Colorful Ice Sculptures!

We will probably be revisiting this again in the Winter! Check out our Snow Posts below:
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Winter will be here before you know it!!!

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  1. This looks like fun!
    It would be a nice activity on a hot day!
    I think we will have to try this!

  2. you know if you sprinkle salt on the ice it will stack more easily. We did it in a science experiment a few weeks ago. Love your idea of adding colour - we will definitely be trying this.
    Great post.