Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rock Tower Bakery

Rocks have been our chosen art medium for the past few weeks.  In one of our last posts titled  Coffee Table Rock Art  we created with rocks and we've done some rock creations in our Land Art  post too!  I predict even more "rock" themed posts in the future!  We actually have a whole bin of rocks that we have collected that have been placed right next to our blocks and other building toys!  This time Cassie has been been creating Rock Towers! They remind me of the towers you would find when you are on a hike. These smooth flat rocks found in our nearby lake make the perfect building materials!  If you like neat and clean projects... these can be done right in your living room without any mess! Our coffee table was our place to build once again!

Having fun building!  These are all "ice cream cakes" according to Cassie! 

She really had a lot of fun! When she saw the pictures of her work it inspired her to build some more!

Here is a sampling of all the different cakes C created! I sure LOVE these!  Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate brownie cakes with frosting!  I love this girl's imagination! Hooray for Imagination!  Where would we be without our Imaginations????

I'm sure we will be revisiting this again and again!!!

What have you been making with Rocks?
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  1. I remember when I was a little girl using outdoor objects for pretend play. I love it! Looks delish!

  2. beautiful pictures and wonderful sculptures. I love this!

  3. So proud of her making cakes! And out of rocks! lol

  4. Looks like she had fun. They are very tactile and beautiful objects also. Lynda

  5. I love to visit your blog and see your simple and imaginative ideas. Rock cakes look very inviting.

  6. What a brilliant idea, these are great!