Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Caterpillar Journey

We collected this caterpillar about two months ago and we've been watching it ever since.  I believe it was a Spotted Apatelode caterpillar.  It is now in its chrysalis and we are awaiting its transformation into a moth. The moth that it changes into is called a Spotted Apatelode Moth (I think?).  It was fun collecting the leaves for it to eat each day and just watching it eat!  It was a great pet and Cassie loved taking care of it each day! Here are some pictures to share.

The caterpillar ate more and more each day!



Here the caterpillar has changed more of a brown color.  This was right before the caterpillar changed into the chrysalis! It was much fatter too!

Awaiting the next transformation...Stay tuned!!! Will it be after Winter???

What are your experiences with caterpillars and when they change into a moth or butterfly?


  1. My friend raises butterflies and moths with her kids every year, I always enjoy looking at her pictures and seeing all the different types of caterpillars, cocoons and chrysalises, etc. Visit her blog if you're interested in more info
    I love your fuzzy caterpillar, can't wait to see it when it emerges!

  2. Our caterpillars are about to change into chrysalis... Its very exciting and the children are really enjoying watching them and all the related craft and activities.

  3. We raise caterpillars every year! This year we raised a tomato hornworm for the first time, which was kind of fun. The moth that emerged was huge! We also raised a blackswallow tail caterpillar that had been the victim of a parasitic wasp. We didn't realize it until it pupated and wasp emerged instead of a butterfly! Gross, but cool!! Now we have 2 monarch eggs, and two newly hatched monarch caterpillars that we are raising. Love this time of year and all the butterflies and caterpillars!

  4. The closet we've come to that experience is the butterfly pavilion. My youngest would want to "pet" the caterpillar and that would be the end of that!

    But what a GREAT experiment!

  5. What an interesting post, thanks a lot for sharing this with us.