Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Origami Butterflies

We created simple origami butterflies!  Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding in which no cutting or gluing is used. We used one small cut...so I guess this is not a traditional model, but it was in an origami book! This simple model for a butterfly was found in the book: Origami Magic by Florence Temko. Cassie did a pretty good job following the steps,  considering the complexity of this so called "simple" model. Here is one of her finished butterflies that she decorated with a black marker.  She really did enjoy this and became quite prolific as you will see in the end of this post.  I will show the steps below.  I found a similar origami butterfly here if you want to check that one out too!

Step 1....start with a square paper and fold on this line.

Step 2...it should look like this when folded.

Step 3...fold in half.

Step 5...open up  and cut where I drew the black line. (I did this so C would know where to cut!)

Step 6...fold it back on the crease where the cut is made.  Fold a little over on the side with the cut. This will become the body.  Make the fold on the corner with no cut.

Step 7...open back to inverted triangle and the the middle part becomes the body.

Decorate if desired!

Finished origami butterfly! You can see we added some facts to our project! (book underneath!)

C had lots of fun playing with all her origami butterflies! She made quite a few!

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  1. Well, how nice that you have found a simple (?) :) project for origami, it is great!
    (I love the smile on the face Cassie drew.)
    I've been wanting to do origami with my children, so I plan to try this. Thank you.
    Cassie has created for herself a fine collection here, and children do love collections!

  2. Nice! you should hang them from the ceiling.

  3. Awesome post, thanks so much for sharing these. These are so wonderful!