Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Matboard Collage

We made Matboard Collages! You can easily get scraps of this wonderful material at your local framing shop! It is usually absolutely free because there are always scraps left over from making mats for frames.  We've used matboard for backgrounds of many projects or whenever we have needed stiff cardboard. Here is one of Cassies' creations titled: Person, House, and Building:

To begin this project,  I pre-cut a bunch of geometric shapes and strips since matboard is rather difficult to cut for a 5 year old!   Matboard is satisfying to work with because of all the fun colors and textures ----some were even metallic and marbled!!!  You never know what you might get when you pick up scraps at the frame shop!

We used a larger piece of matboard for our background,  but you could use construction paper or even tagboard.  I encouraged C to glue smaller pieces on top of the first pieces to create more depth.  If she wanted a certain shape,  I was there to cut them for her.  I guess I was her assistant!?

C continued to work very diligently which made me very proud!

Here is C's finished work again!

She even inspired me to do one too!

Mine reminds me of the Three Musicians painting by Pablo Picasso!!
(I think in colors mostly)

Have you made anything with Matboard Scraps?

What would you make if you had a bunch of matboard scraps?
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  1. Those look like beautiful abstract/modern art. The Picasso painting is a great example along side this.

  2. I have to look for those scraps next time I am in Michael's. I love Cassie's expression in the pictures - she is concentrating so hard!

  3. Melissa,
    This is a good idea,and I also like the feeling of abstract/modern art achieved by both your and Cassie's efforts.

    This would be fun for any age group of children, and the different textures and colours of scraps would be a nice sensory experience, as you say.

    I'll have to enquire at a few framing shops in my area for scraps.