Monday, September 19, 2011

Recycled Styrofoam Sculptures

We had so much FUN creating these Styrofoam Sculptures!  I know that we'll make these again! (I've even saved the materials) I first saw this idea on the blog  Lilia A and I knew it would be an idea that would intrigue Cassie.  All you need are some styrofoam scraps and some toothpicks!

We used a bigger piece for the base and smaller pieces for the actual sculpture.  I used heavy duty scissors to deconstruct the styrofoam and after while we used our hands to create smaller pieces too.  C enjoyed breaking apart the pieces!!!

C and I created a variety of different styrofoam sculptures!!!  There is no paint mess,  but a lot of little white styrofoam balls were brushed off the table and vacuumed up.  C used her Toy Dyson Vacuum to help and it actually worked!!!

C noticed one of the big pieces looked like a castle, so she immediately took some figures for some imaginative play!

The great thing about this project is that it can be taken apart and built again and again!!!
C is a builder and she absolutely LOVED this! Hope you do too!


  1. C IS a builder! I am always amazed at her sculptures! She's gonna be an architect for sure!

  2. Yes, C is an architect to be, well she already is. Looks like a great activity to me, so creative you always are with different kind of materials.

  3. I love seeing C build - I am sure my daughter would love this project too, so I have to remember about it when I get some chunky styrofoam!

  4. I'm loving this, really interesting and fun looking task!

  5. Now, I know what we are doing with our packing peanuts! We need to do more sculptures at home .