Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wooden Skill Stick Sculptures

We dug into our free supplies from (thank you again!) and decided to work with the Wooden Skill Sticks.  As you can see,  they are basically craft sticks with little notches in them.  Dad helped to build the little house in the upper right corner,  but Cassie started with the base of a  house and ended up more with a sculpture which I love!  She became frustrated  because it was difficult to built something so exact so she went in another direction which in my book is fine!  I think these sticks are great and as C's fine motor skills get better she'll be able to build a more exact house structure.The nice thing about these Wooden Skill sticks is that you can either build and take them apart or you can glue them to make more permanent structures.  We chose to take them apart and rebuild another day!

C beginning to build her house base,

C took this very seriously and wanted to keep making these sculptures!  She is definitely a builder and loves her legos, blocks,  magna tiles, and any other building toy.

Basically C would make a smaller sculpture and place it on top of another to create a larger sculpture!  You could only build so high  when your building in different directions.

A finished sculpture!

Since these creations have been taken apart,  I know we will be creating more with these wooden skill sticks.  C has even asked about building with them again and she wants to glue them too!

Have your children ever built with wooden skill sticks?

What have you made with them?

***If your children like building activities has a great selection of Wooden Supplies such as mini craft sticks, skinny sticks,  colored craft sticks, and round dowels.  You can find their page of wooden supplies here.  Cassie would love all of them! 


  1. Those are awesome. Great creations!

  2. I've never seen them before. Here goes my next Michael's coupon.

  3. we've never used wooden skill sticks (but my daughter is only 3 -- i guess it hasn't occurred to me!). but we have used tootpicks/gumdrops which are always fun for building in our house. my daughter is a builder too!!

  4. Wonderful sculptures! You could make really great mobiles as well, just add a little craft glue to secure the skill sticks and join elements with cord!

  5. I like how these sticks have notches!