Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Local Caverns

We visited our local caverns as one of our last summer outings.  Cassie created this drawing recently which tells me the visit had an impact on her.  She said,  "Mom,  this is me in the Caverns with the stalactites and stalagmites!!" I just thought, "Wow what a great drawing and good memory!" Just wanted to share...I love all the drawings my daughter creates!!!  Keep reading if you want to see some of the pics from the caverns!

C with one of the largest stalactites in the cavern!

Little stalactites!!!

Gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites.  The ones that join are called columns.

More pics!

Silly pic...not for the claustrophobic!

This may not be Disney World, but I love taking my daughter to places in Nature. My hope is that she will appreciate the beauty of our Earth and not be so concerned with just commercialism!

Have you visited Caverns with your children???

What trips have you taken in the last days of summer???


  1. We used to live by some caverns too:)..where are these located? I love the natural field trips best!

  2. So cool! I need to do this with my little ones! We loved going to Yellowstone where I gave my 3 year old a disposable camera. The pictures turned out great!

  3. The claustrophobic pic cracked me up! That face is awesome! We live about an hour or so away from some caverns, and I remember my parents taking me there when I was a kid. I don't know why I haven't thought about taking my own kids there. Thanks for posting this, I think we'll add this to the next summer list. :)

  4. The family and I visited South Bass Island on Lake Erie this Summer and went to the "World's Largest Geode". I couldn't bring myself to go down in it, though. Tight spaces deep underground are enough to send me fleeing for the exits.
    Hey! I've challenged myself this week to "A Bird A Day" over at The Noodle Factory. I posted my first one today and I'm looking for suggestions as to what bird I should draw tomorrow. Maybe you and your readers could come by and give me some suggestions.

  5. What an awesome experience! I'm on a mission now to find the closest caverns!

  6. Our closest caverns is quite a trip away, but I would love to go. Your shots are wonderful, and I love Cassie's drawing and her signature :)

  7. Gorgeous pics, Melissa! And I loved Cassie's drawing. How smart that she remembered such long and not-so-easy names. The Stalactites and Stalagmites are fascinating to see and even more amazing to learn how they are formed.
    What a coincidence that we too recently visited the Sudvala caves in South Africa. It was quite a learning experience.
    Thanks for sharing this link on my blog.

    You can see our SA pics here: