Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Octopus Obsession

When children make or create things they tend to make things in multiples if they are given the space and materials.  During the past year and most recently, Cassie has been obsessed with creating these "Octopus Creatures" shown below. They are made with paper, scissors, markers, a stapler, and a hole puncher.  C loves having the independence of using special tools like the stapler and hole puncher.  I think she has made over 40 or so of these creatures!

First, she rounds off the top for the body and head and then fringes the bottom of the paper for legs! Lots of legs!

Then she uses markers, hole punch, and stapler to decorate.  She loves these two tools! Stapling just to staple and not attaching anything! Hole punches for eyes or decorations!

Here is her "White Collection of Octopuses"! I Love these creatures! There are so many more to show!

I've even tried my hand at making a few since she insisted!!! 

I hope you are having children create independently to come up with their own ideas! You will be amazed what children will come up with when given the opportunity!  

What independent Art Activities have your children been working on?

Have your children made collections of Art?


  1. I love these. They are so uniquely her own. What a fun thing.

  2. Love the fact thats is all her own idea!! My daughter is sitting next to me and saying "I want to make those monster too" !!

  3. They are so cute! And where do you keep them all?

  4. Great smiley faces, they made me smile too! :)