Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Woodworking for Free

Did you know on the first Saturday of every month the home improvement store Home Depot offers a kid's woodworking workshop for absolutely free?  We went this past Saturday and Cassie totally enjoyed it!  It is for kids 5 years and up, but I did see younger kids there too! They offer a different project each time too.  You get a kit, apron, pin, and a certificate of completion.  Pretty cool!  This past Saturday's project was a coaster set. I don't have pictures of C creating the project, but have some of her painting the project with acrylic craft paint. Here is the finished unpainted coaster set, apron, pin, and certificate.  Cassie was SO PROUD of this!

C was very invested in painting her coaster set!

More painting! 

FInished painted coaster set!

Cassie is looking forward to more of these woodworking workshops! (Next month's project is a pencil box.) This project has inspired some woodworking of our own too!  Stay tuned for future posts...

I hope that you take advantage of these free classes at Home have nothing to lose! (Too bad I wasn't being paid to promote Home Depot!)

What kinds of woodworking projects have you made with your children?

What do you think about letting kids use REAL tools?

Link to information about Home Depot Workshops can be found here.

Here is a Great website that has all kinds of Kid's woodworking kits and real tools : RED TOOLBOX
(not just plastic toys)


  1. We love it! Lowes does it too! We also use real tools around the house too :)

  2. it is nice activity for the kids .. the artistic side of the will excel..

  3. I just found your blog and I am LOVING IT. You're such a wonderful and fun mum :)

    <3 Belly B

  4. My oldest is 13 and we've been doing the home depot classes for years - I always just put it on my calendar for first saturday of the month - the workers are so helpful and kind. It's something they always looked forward to!

  5. Oh that's brilliant! Next summer (when Princess Pea is 5) we'll definitely try it!

  6. Yep, Home Depot is the first Saturday of the month and Lowes is the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. We take our boys all the time and they are almost 4. We let them use real tools with supervision as often as possible. So much fun! See you at Lowes this weekend to build a dump truck.

  7. We take our 5 year old son to Lowes. He loves it.