Sunday, July 31, 2011

Floating Sponge Sculpture

We created more floating sculptures!  Instead of using Pool Noodles like we did before, (my Pool Noodle Sculpture post can be found here) we used foam sponges!  I found these multi colored foam sponges at the dollar store at 12 for a dollar.  These Sponge Sculptures transformed into boats for C's small toy figures and encouraged a lot of imaginative play!

First,  Cassie and I cut up the sponges in to various shapes.  Then we just started building with them.  It was fun to create the three dimensional shapes and instantly create a sculpture!

We used a low temperature glue gun to connect the pieces of sponges.  Poor C ended up burning herself (bandage on her arm),  but continued to work through till the end!  Be Careful!  If you are worried your child will get burned,  you could have them build it and then you could assemble it.  You could also use other glue (like fabric glue),  but it would just have  a longer dry time.  You would also have to make sure the glue was waterproof if you want your sculpture to be floatable.

Finished robot sponge sculptures!

We tried them out in water, but found out the bases of the sculptures were too small and too tall.  They kept falling over!

So we rebuilt some with wides bases and did make them as tall and that solved the problem!

C had fun playing with her Floating Sponge Sculptures/Boats.! She enjoyed putting her small toys on them and having them sink. Since they are sponge material,  every once in a while you'll need to squeeze out the sculptures because they will get heavy and sink a little.

If you don't want to build,  you can also float toy figures on these sponges too!

What have you and your children made with sponges???

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  1. So cute, Melissa. And a really fun and refreshing way to spend a hot afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. I love it - what a good idea. I wonder if I could use toothpicks to connect the pieces instead of glue. Maybe we will try it once we are back from our travels.

  3. Sounds like lot of fun! When I was a kid, We used create sponge dolls.

  4. great project! just wondering if the hot glue really held up? I used it for some cork boat projects, and they fell apart after being in the water for awhile. Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, was missing you!

  5. Fabulous, as usual! I appreciate how you shared your iterations -- learning about balance and things being "top heavy" through the process of invention is wonderful!

  6. What a great idea! I'm definitely going to try that when it's summer here. Found you through the it's Playtime link-up :-)

  7. My son absolutely love to build things. This is such a fantastic idea! Thank you. I am sure we will be doing it soon. Up on my pintrest it goes.

  8. Melissa, I absolutely LOVE your blog! Seriously, I get stuck here :) And I featured you today on It's PLaytime, thanks for participating each and every week :) You make my day.