Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photography From a Preschooler

I gave Cassie my older Digital Camera and what a FUN new toy it has been!  Right away she seemed like a natural and she continues to bring out her camera from time to time. (Almost daily!)  Previously I gave C a Toy Digital Camera without the LCD screen  and it was not as fulfilling.  The LCD screen has given Cassie instant feedback and encouragement to take more pictures or to even retake a picture.  (I know I was enamored with this feature with my first Digital Camera!!) The most fascinating thing about this experience has been seeing the perspectives that a young child has through the photographs she has taken.  Things I would never have thought to take a picture of...she has!!! It really gives you a view of how a child sees things in their world!  Here is the photographer! Keep reading to see some of her pics!

Close Face shot! C has done a ton of these! Some with just her mouth or nose! I never gave her the idea!

Mom backing out of the garage! This is her view from the back seat.  She has taken pics of Dad driving down the driveway and down our street too!

Picture of the ceiling and floor lamp!  Lots of ceiling shots too!  I Love these!

Her shadow....maybe inspired by our Shadow Play post???

Our wild strawberries in our back yard.  Cassie always checks to see if they are ripe and wants to eat them!

Ceiling fan and forehead shot!

Our coffee table, basket, and Mom's leg! Lots of low shots too!

Here is a picture of our chipmunk hole in our front yard! Cassie told me she wishes she could go down that hole!  Wouldn't that be fascinating????

C has taken so many more photos!  Maybe I have budding photographer?  Here she is photographing ants!

I coul share more pics if you would like!!! Feedback please!  I sure hope I have inspired you to give your children cameras!  What a valuable experience and FUN too!  It has given me new ideas of what to take photographs of and to think about different perspectives!!!  C has inspired me!

Have we inspired you to give your child a camera?

What experiences have you had with children and cameras?
(Please share!)

Here are some links to help guide your child to take pictures:
(We figured this one out!!!....one tip is Don't buy a kid's Camera!)

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  1. I wish I still had my old digital camera! I may have to thrift around at garage sales or something for one. I'd love to do this with Henry. I love all the photographs C did - and its such a great way to get them interested in technology. Its going to play a MAJOR part of their life...

  2. My little one LOVES to play with my digital camera too! Love the photos!

  3. A couple of summers ago, I noticed that my then 6 y/o son was getting bored every time we would go out to explore a museum, hiking trail, etc. So, I bought him a disposable camera when we went to a nature center and he was engaged the whole time taking pictures. It really helped with his boredom!! Now that he is going on his 8th birthday we have a digital camera waiting to give to him for his birthday! Can't wait to see what pics he gets!

  4. I love kids photography, and would enjoy more posts of Cassie's photos! It is easy to forget that they see the world so much different from the way we see the world.

  5. Very neat!! I love this! We have given our children the kid tough cameras and video cameras and their photos and videos are definitely treasures! I LOVE the idea of posting some though!

  6. We got the kids a camera too (some of their pics are posted here - http://bedtimemonsters.blogspot.com/2011/01/things-to-do-buy-your-kids-camera.html ). What amazes me is how many floor and ceiling pictures we have - how much time they spend looking up (high) and down.

  7. Great photos! Last year I had the same illuminating experience with my elder son (called Pulce) http://vogliounamelablu.blogspot.com/2010/07/con-gli-occhi-di-un-bambino-la-mia.html
    and I tried to inspire other italian parents to give digital cameras to their kids by creating a photography contest for kids. Here you can find the photos: http://www.flickr.com/groups/candycamera/
    This year I'm repeating the experience... why don't you partecipate? http://vogliounamelablu.blogspot.com/2011/06/candy-camera-2011-con-gli-occhi-di-un.html
    I'll translate the roules soon, but it's simple: send me the preschooler photo at: vogliounamelablu@yahoo.it before september 15th and then.. vote!