Saturday, July 16, 2011

So Simple Non-Dairy Fruit Smoothie

My daughter LOVES Smoothies!!! We make them all the time and especially when the weather is warmer. The recipe we follow is great because it just involves just fruit and fruit juice. No dairy! The frozen bananas we use in the recipe make the smoothie creamy and thick rather than using yogurt.  The great thing is if you ever have too many ripe bananas you can throw them in the freezer for future smoothies instead of throwing them out. Here is Cassie watching all the fruit and juice mixing in the blender.

Here are the ingredients for the smoothie:
1 cup of apple or orange juice
2 to 3 fresh or frozen bananas
1 cup of fruit (we used strawberries, blueberries, and peaches)
a blender

First, Cassie put all the fruit in the blender. 

Then she poured all the juice in.

Next, put the lid on the blender and blend or puree.  Can you tell C likes to use the blender?

Lastly, enjoy your DELICIOUS Smoothie!  YUM!

I'm sure we'll be making more smoothies again soon! Maybe with pineapple, mango, and raspberries! It is FUN to experiment with different fruit combinations!

What have you been making with children in the kitchen lately?


  1. cakes, a lot of cakes, salad, sandwiches, my 2,5 year old helps me to do anything I am doing that day :) i suggest next time your daughter does the cutting of fruit as well! :)

  2. what a coincidence. we just made these yesterday. my daughter won't eat bananas, so I sneak them into her smoothies. We used orange juice and frozen strawberries. I also add pure honey sometimes. delicious

  3. What a brilliant post, thanks a lot!