Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seven Sensational Ideas for Creating a Marble Run

Our last post was about the Marble Run that we created out of our collection of recycled materials and just in case you didn't see it... check it out here. We were inspired by so many ideas from so many wonderful blogs to create our Marble Run! I've created a list of Seven Sensational Ideas for Creating a Marble Run for this post and you will be amazed with all of them!  If you have created a marble run leave a link to your post in my comment section and I will feature your idea either in a future post or on Facebook! In the meantime... check out these Seven Sensational Ideas for Creating a Marble Run: Click on the captions underneath the picture!!

4.  Cardboard Box Ramps from:
Norfolk Homeschooling

7. Toilet Paper Tube Marble Run from:
Two Chicks and a Hen

Have You Made A Marble Run? Please share your idea!

Have we inspired you to create a Marble Run?

What is your favorite Marble Run featured here?

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  1. Great roundup Melissa! Love all these marble runs! And thanks for featuring ours! I still want to try one with tubes and real marbles :) And now I have LOTS of ideas!

  2. Thanks for featuring our marble run! My kids really love that thing and just pulled it out again the other day. I'm really impressed with the other ones you've shared--everyone is so creative.

  3. I am putting this on my pinterest. I really like number 7 because I can build it, take it with me on home visits and show parents how to do it. Thanks!

  4. This is very inspiring - what a great roundup!

  5. Gorgeous collection! Must make at least one this summer.

    Anyone have an idea for a baby-safe marble substitute? I'm thinking something edible that would dissolve, but Kix is too lightweight.

  6. Oh, this looks like so much fun! I must try this with the girls this summer. Thank you for such a great list of ideas and places to be inspired by!

    I LOVE that you linked up to the Sunday Showcase! :) Hope to see you this week for more fun!

    Bern - Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

  7. Hello! I saw your idea from Teach Preschool and was inspired to create our own Marble Run. I added the link for you to see, and I gave you credit for inspiration. Thanks for the fun idea. We had a blast. I am thinking of doing the noodle one next.

    Play is Essential

  8. oops the link is: www.PlayisEssential.net