Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Contact Paper Rose Window

We created a contact paper rose window or stained glass.  Rose windows are the windows you see in older churches and cathedrals. All you need for this project is black paper, colorful tissue paper, contact paper, and scissors. Cassie loved this project because she loves cutting snowflakes and you have to know how to fold and cut and she loves both! She especially enjoys projects that involve scissors!

Here is the South Rose Window of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France for some inspiration.

First we traced a plate on some black paper.  We used some thin construction paper that was easy to fold and to cut through! If your paper is too thick it will  be too difficult to fold and cut!

Then Cassie cut out the circle. She is an expert at cutting circles! In her preschool class she was the best at this! So serious in this picture!

Once cut out, it needs to be folded in half like a taco or semicircle.

Then fold the paper again to look like a piece of pizza (1/4).

If you able to fold again, then fold and begin to cut small triangle shapes on the edges. Cassie cut mostly triangles, but you could do any shapes that you desire.

Once you have all the cutting done, lay your "black snowflake"on the sticky side of some contact paper that has been peeled. This paper had brown on the back (in case you were wondering?).

I chose to use contact paper so it would be east to attach the tissue paper. Cassie just put small pieces of tissue paper over the holes of the cut paper so there was no messy glue! The contact paper made it much more simple to attach the tissue paper.

I put another piece of contact paper on top of the back and cut around the circle. Beautiful!

We did quite a few!

Here is our array of rose windows!

I really enjoy looking at them!
Older children could get  a lot more detailed with their cutting!

Have Fun!

Click here if you would like to see more rose windows for inspiration!
They are Gorgeous!


  1. What a gorgeous inspiration! Absolutely love it! I will have Pari try this tomorrow...

  2. oooh, la la! they're wonderful. that serious, focussed expression is often seen at our art table too! i'm adding this to "the list"!

  3. Really pretty outcome! Thanks so much for sharing with It's Playtime and LOVE the new blog design, well done!

  4. I have fond memories of making these at school as a child. Love yours though and love your comparison to Notre Dame! Great inspiration!

    Thanks again for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  5. Love how beautiful it looks and it is so simple to make:) Thanks for inspiring!

  6. felicidades a la artista besos virgi

  7. Another great idea. After a five year break from teaching after early retirement from permanent work, I'm returning as a casual and am looking for new ideas. This is wonderful.
    Ross Mannell

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  9. I love the comparison with Notre Dame - inspiring!

  10. This is great! It is also a good fine-motor skill exercise.

    Thanks for linking up on The Sunday Showcase!

  11. So fun! We went to a cathedral in Washington DC so I think this would be fun to do with the kids soon. I am back with Child Centered art party Thursdays, hope you will be back to share with us.

  12. I love making things with tissue paper, you get to make it so colourful, wonderful sun catchers.