Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crayon Shaving Decorated Easter Eggs

I think this is our last egg decorating idea for the year.  We created Bleeding Tissue Decorated Easter Eggs and Hot Easter Eggs Decorated With Crayon too.  These Crayon Shaving Decorated Easter Eggs didn't turn out exactly how I expected,  but they still had pretty results and it was an enjoyable process.

Materials Needed:
old grater
broken crayons
hard boiled eggs that are still warm
paper towels

First, we used an old grater to grate some old crayons. This process of grating crayons was a big hit as it was for grating soap for Bath Crayons.

Then after hard boiling the eggs we let them cool a bit. We placed the eggs on a paper towel/napkin and sprinkled them with the crayon shavings

We let the crayon shavings melt which was kind of cool to observe.

Then we wrapped the egg in the paper towel to kind of get the crayon shavings to spread around the egg.  You can experiment with whatever method you like.

After wrapping and kind of rolling around the egg,  we unwrapped the eggs to find these swirly and colorful results.  The crayon was pretty thick on the eggs so I wasn't sure about eating these eggs.  It was a fun process though. What do you think?

What is your favorite way to decorate Easter Eggs?

***Need more inspiration fro some Egg Activities?  Be sure to check out: 60 Egg Activities for Kids from Tinkerlab.


  1. That is a super fun way to decorate your eggs and use up your crayon ends!

  2. We've decorated eggs that way before too. It's not my favorite because the coating is so thick, but they do look pretty nice. We like to pour a bit of vinegar over an egg in a colander, then add a drop of food coloring, and swirl around in the colander, repeating for each color.

    1. I need to try your idea that you suggested. Sounds very unique.

  3. this is a brilliant idea, I am going to try this with my son. I have sooo many broken crayons to use.

  4. Pretty! I think we should try one of the crayon ideas - we only did melted crayons on hot rocks before.

  5. This looks like so much fun! I’m doing an Easter link up today over on my blog… Would love it if you joined us!