Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crowns, Crowns, and more Crowns!!!

C has become obsessed with creating crowns lately! This is just a sampling!  All kids love making hats and wearable art!!!  As an Elementary Art Teacher,  I saw first hand that many of the "wearable art projects" were some of my students favorites!  There is something MAGICAL about being able to wear something you made rather than just put it in your book bag to go home! 

To create the crowns,  we first created a big zig zaggy line across the paper to create 2 pieces from a 9x12 piece of construction paper.  You could also put two pieces together or fold the paper in half to create more equal sized crown pieces.

For my head I needed 3 crown pieces,  but for most children you would just need 2 pieces to make it long enough.  If you used a 12x18 paper you might just need one piece depending on the size of the child's head.

After you have the crown pieces cut out,  you can either staple or glue the pieces together to form a crown.  C preferred stapling, of course!  Kids love tools.....especially staplers.  We love our Swingline Red Stapler! (like the one from the movie Office Space!!!)

After stapling,  you can design your crown any way you like. C used crumpled tissue paper here. Some suggestions are: markers, crayons, buttons,  pom poms, and glitter!

One HAPPY Queen!
(she told me that she was the Queen,  not a princess!)

What wearable art have you made with your children?

Other Wearable art we have made:

(Dr. Seuss inspired)
(with paper tubes)


  1. Cool crowns! Check out the "Thankful Turkeys" we made.

    We also made some felt crowns here -

  2. My daughter loves crowns too! The crumpled tissue paper crown is so adorable!

    Sometime back we had made foam sheet crowns and paper crowns!

  3. I love Cassie's crowns, she was certainly busy!!
    I still have plans to make your tiny crowns one day!

  4. Just made crowns the other night with my boys. My one year old destroyed his in a matter of seconds but was still quite content wearing it. Added a cape and staff for my older one, still playing with it. endless hours of fun :)

  5. These are great, we definitely don't make enough wearable art. Though we did just make beads out of air-dry clay and they were a hit! We'll have to give crowns a go! :)

  6. my youngest LOVES crowns too! she loves all accessories actually and the more it has on it - the better! fun post/idea.

  7. These are super cute! Crowns are always loved by little girls, aren't they. I have to show these to mine. I'm sure she will get going with it the moment she sees... !

  8. Classic Fun! Love it -- we always have to be careful since we usually end up with wet glue in our hair when we make hats and crowns!! ; )


  9. These crowns are so pretty!
    We have made some leaf crowns and loo roll crowns.
    And flower hats :)

  10. We found this nature crown idea from Maya Made. I bet your daughter would LOVE this!
    It's wonderful and colorful with late summer blooms but would also be great with colorful fall leaves