Monday, November 14, 2011

Coffee Filter Turkey Cards

This past weekend we made Thanksgiving cards with coffee filters, watercolor paints, and paper! I love using coffee filters for art because they are cheap and accessible!  We had quite an assembly line going and created over 20 or so cards!!! WOW!  C enjoyed making these turkey cards quite a bit!  We were inspired by Dilly Dali Art and their Spin Art Turkeys! They made Turkey Table Toppers.  Here is one of our finished cards.

First we painted coffee filters with watercolor paints.  Make sure to have newspaper underneath because they will soak through.

When the coffee filters are dry, cut them all in half like this.

Then glue the half of the coffee filter on a folded card or any paper if you don't want it to be a card.

Tear a piece of brown tissue paper (or construction paper) for the head.  We used two paper punch holes for the eyes and added black dots. You could use googly eyes too.

Now add a red piece of tissue paper for the wattle and a yellow triangle (and nostril holes) for the beak.

Finally, add lines for feathers and crumple brown tissue paper for the wings.  You could use real feathers too.  We drew the legs on and added grass for a background.  Simple and sweet! Very cute!

More cuteness!

They are adorable! Aren't they?  Don't you wish that you were receiving one?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. So cute, Melissa! I love how fast coffee filters dry -- it's like minutes. And yes, I do wish I was receiving one. Why are you teasing us like this? :)

  2. How cute - I might try this with my grandchildren tomorrow! Thank you ;)

  3. They are the cutest turkeys!!

  4. These are so cute! I love them - thanks for sharing :-)

  5. These are great, Melissa!
    Anyone would be happy to receive one, and I think they would get a place of prominence on the family fridge.

  6. Ugh, I thought I commented on this already!

    I LOVE these! I think they would make absolutely perfect seating cards at Thanksgiving. Put the name on the front and write a little note inside why you're thankful for that specific person, it would be great for our Thanksgiving feast, there is always so much confusion as to where everyone is going to sit, last year we had 24 people and it just keeps growing!!

    Thanks for sharing!!! And linking up my Spin Art Turkeys :)

  7. Cute turkeys!! I wanted to invite you to come link up at TGIF Linky Party on Friday - - I am also your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want to =-)

  8. Thanks for showing your child-made items that really look like a child has made them!

  9. Those are seriously adorable! I love the wings!

  10. I love the coffee filter turkeys! I have helped numerous children make butterflies out of filters but never thought of turkeys or making cards. The butterfly is made by painting a filter and poking it inside a clothes pin (ones with long stem) then put antennas on with a piece of Fuzzy Stick. I found you on "let the children play." I hope you'll visit my blog: Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents. Love your blog!

  11. Very cute!
    Did I hear you say you need my addres?? ;)
    Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!

  12. My 5 year old LOVED this craft! We had to make some changes as we didn't have the circle coffee filters AND she thought ripping paper for the head sounded silly - I thought they turned out CUTE! Thanks for inspiring us!!! We posted about them and linked back to you here

  13. Wow these are so cool, thanks a lot for sharing this with us.