Monday, May 16, 2011

Pine Cone Sculptures

We have such a huge collection of natural items, especially pine cones and sweet gum pods, I knew we could eventually incorporate these into some sort of Art! So we created sculptures with them today. Cassie was excited to involve her collections into a project so she was highly motivated! Also, the fact we were using a glue gun got her psyched up too! Again if you are hesitant about using glue guns with little ones, check out this post by Teacher Tom here.  He is the reason I have started using them with my daughter. The glue gun allows for building more vertically and at a faster rate! Kids learn how to be safe with glue guns very quickly! Use your own judgement to what you think is right for your child!

Here is some of Cassie's collection that we used for our sculptures.

Here is our Low temperature glue gun and some scrap cardboard/ matte board that we used for our sculptures. We need to get a glue gun with a trigger, but Cassie seems to have gotten the hang of this one!

Here is Cassie using the glue gun very successfully to create her sculpture.

More building and concentrating!

Cassie really took charge of this project! She said that we were working as a team, but she did a Great deal of it by herself!

Here is Cassie looking very satisfied!!! She kept going with this sculpture for a while!

Completed Pinecone Sculpture:

Cassie created another Sculpture too:

What Do You Think?

What other natural items could you use to create a sculpture?
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  1. Fantastic!! I love the use natural materials:) I have been thinking to buy a glue gun first to try for myself hehe;) Thanks for sharing and inspiring:)

  2. I gotta let Henry have a try with the glue gun I guess! Always just labeled it a dangerous item :P - Great sculpture by Cassie!! :) So awesome that she can TAKE CHARGE (and work as a team!!)!

  3. I have not bought a glue gun thinking of my daughter. looks like its time to buy a low temp glue gun!


  4. Ah, this is so cool, Melissa! I started N on the glue gun when she was 2 1/2!! She needed a little help pulling the trigger, but it is so empowering and can help children realize their vision without frustration!

  5. It looks great!!! I recently read another blog post about someone purchasing a cold temperature glue gun too!

  6. Great! I love the different kinds of the pine cones!

    Haha, we both were thinking about them:) And I have one more pine cone idea to post.

  7. Thanks Melissa for the wonderful idea. I love the idea of using pine cones and the glue gun.

  8. Melissa,
    I like the nice assortment of pine cones, and other natural materials.
    Cassie seems so focused and it is empowering for her to use the glue gun!
    Awesome creations too!

  9. Hi Melissa,
    Here I am back, with a personal request. :)
    When you have a minute would you drop by my Mullen Ave. blog, and read my latest post.
    I've been thinking of trying to do something with my project off and on for about 20 years, I know the art isn't great, but do you have any suggestions for me, re: if it looks like something that could become kind of an installation, or something just to share this person's wonderful stories?
    I would value your input.

  10. Melissa, thanks for visiting this evening, and your input. I really appreciate your helpful comments!
    B :)

  11. Wow! I have never used a hot glue gun and look at your little girl - already and expert! Love the sculptures. They are fabulous!

    Thanks again for linking!

    Maggy x

  12. I love it. I can't get my 5 year old to even come close to the glue gun. I tried to have him use it and in telling him how hot it was and how he needed to be careful he decided he wouldn't touch it. I have to have him tell me where to glue, but when I am gluing he runs out of the room. His fears of things are really bad. I wish he would try so that his art with glue guns were more his way and not me trying to interpret what he wants and doing it.

  13. What a great sculpture. I haven't gotten out the hot glue gun with my daughter yet but maybe I should give it a try. Looks like she was having a great time!

  14. Lovely natural sculpture! Princess Pea is really into glueing things together at the moment, but so far only with glue sticks and glue pens. Perhaps I should give this a try with her.

    Thanks for linking up to Outdoor Play!