Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Local Chalk Festival

Our town just had their Annual Chalk Festival and Cassie was up for it... so we decided to go on such a beautiful Saturday! It was a great community event to bring the importance of Art to the children...since that is who was mostly participating!  First we took a look at all the beautiful drawings and they definitely inspired Cassie and I to pick up some chalk and draw!!! Keep reading to see our drawings!

Here are some of the drawings that inspired us. I love the message here! "Love Everyone!"

Beautiful stained glass effect!

Mountain, Beach, and Ocean scene!


Good old American flag!


More Flowers!

Cassie jumping right in to draw!

Mom and Cassie drawing!

Cassie mostly watching Mom at this point!

Mom having FUN!

Cassie's finished drawing of Beautiful Flowers!

Mom's finished Sun drawing!

What events do you have in your community that promote the Arts?


  1. Your sun is so beautiful! So is Cassie's work :) I love this idea and its been something I've been wanting to do in our town - just don't really have any idea on how to put together an event to do it. I think it would be brilliant to have sidewalks full of art for a weekend :)

  2. Oh what fun!!!! Looks like a beautiful day!

  3. Beautiful! And love your cheerful sun!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of the chalk images -- they're beautiful. It looks like mom had a great time. Us moms need to have some creative fun, too :) We had the Maker Faire this past weekend, and then the summer is full of arts and wine festivals (I live in northern CA, so the wine has to come with the art, I guess). We also have a lot of family museum events. But being an arts person, I wish there was more. I'm always jumping at the chance to do something artistic in the community. Great post!