Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tiny Crowns For A Little Princess!

I've been working on some projects using paper tubes...since I have collected so many! I came across these Great little crowns on the blog: lilla a and thought they were  so simple and so sweet.  Also, on this blog, there is a great tutorial for them too.  All the ideas on this blog have a certain simplicity that I just love!!! So my daughter and I decided to try these!  I think they turned out so beautiful. Ours are taller, but that makes them unique!!!  So grab some paper towel or toilet tissue tubes and shorten them up a bit and cut a zig-zag edge on one side and then you are ready to paint them! The best part!  After they are dry,  add some stickers or spangles,  punch two holes and then add some elastic cord (in the beading or sewing section).  These would make great princess or king crowns for a party!

Our Crowns!
Little Princess!
Princess and possibly decorations?

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  1. Love them! We did them too some time ago I just never got around to post them on blog!

    Featuring this post in this week's High paw! Thank you for participation and hope to see you there again this week! :)

  2. Thanks!! We did tiny Dr. Seuss (Cat in the Hat) Hats too!

  3. Thanks for the compliments! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Melissa,
    These tiny crowns are great! Would be nice for doll play as well.
    Tomorrow I am making crowns with my kids as we're playing princess and prince these days, and after we'll make tiny crowns as well,
    Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  5. Thanks for the compliments! What a Great idea for doll play, too! Thanks for stopping by. Let me know if you need help following me!

  6. My little princess is going to love this!