Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tutorial On POP ARTish Spin Art Valentine Cards

I thought I would create a detailed tutorial of my posts on POP ARTish Spin Art Valentine Cards. So here it is:

Here is a finished product!

First you need a spin art machine! Mine is a Melissa & Doug Swirl 'n Spin Art Machine    
It comes with 4x4 glossy cardstock that I used
for paper.

Now start swirling around your paint! I used
watered down Acrylic Delta Ceramacoat paint.

Metallic colors look cool!

Now remove and you have an awesome Spin Art!

Trace a heart shape.  So not do a folded cut heart or
it will ruin your Spin Art! It is almost better to trace 
on the back so there is no line showing.

Now cut out the heart and save both pieces. You may 
be able to use the negative heart for a project too!

Use glue stick to glue on a 4x5.5" card.

Now just add some Metallic Prang Markers around
the heart and add a message inside the card!

They are very POP ARTish!
BEAUTIFUL Valentines or for any occasion to
celebrate LOVE!



  1. If you left a comment to this earlier Thank you---my comments are gone!
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  2. Love the wonderful colors!! Thanks for adding the link to what paint u use:)

  3. so much fun! i love these and they would be a great addition to my Jim Dine Valentine lesson!

  4. I love these...would make a pretty bulletin board for my pre-k students!

  5. Love how the hearts turned out! Checked out the markers and they look very cool too!


  6. Love the spin art, the hearts look fantastic!

  7. perfect gift for my son to give his daddy for his birthday!! So cute and from the heart!!!!

  8. These are beautiful and would make anyone proud to display!