Friday, May 4, 2012

Colorful Bird Nest Creation

We created a bird nest last week with mud, sticks, flower petals, pine needles, grass, leaves, and water.
Our bird nest creation was a real hit so we decided to create a nest in a different way. This time we made a more colorful artsy bird nest as pictured below.

To create our colorful artsy bird nest we gathered:

shredded colorful paper
tissue paper
poly-fil stuffing
white glue

I made up a mixture of 2 parts white glue and 1 part water and put all the materials above into it. The materials should be covered.

Then I covered the bottom of a plastic bowl with plastic wrap and set it on a plate so any glue dripping would land there.

Then we just started spreading the mixture over the plastic wrap covered bowl.  Cover the bowl the best you can and press down and shape the materials around the bowl.

Once covered we let it all dry out in the sun or somewhere warm (like near a heater). It took a couple days  to dry.  You may want to put plastic wrap over the plate so that the nest won't stick to the paper plate!

Finished empty nest.  I love the glitter added in for  a sparkly touch!

Nest from the bottom.

I think it turned out fantastic. We are very happy with our Artsy Colorful Bird Nest!

What would you put in our Bird Nest?

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  1. Love it! It turned out so pretty. I love the added sparkle of the glitter too :)

  2. i love this! we have some great little bird we made that would be so fun to play with this with - thanks!

    1. I wish we had a little bird to put in the nest. (maybe that will be a future project) Good idea!

  3. You can make your own clay eggs to sit inside!

    1. That would be another great idea. Maybe we'll make some play dough eggs for it. Our paper mache eggs might be an option too, We have tiny pinecone in our nest right has become a place for a nature collection!

  4. So pretty! I loved the first idea because it was natural, but this one is very decorative.

    1. Yes, me too. I think they could make unique a trinket basket.

  5. We made nests for Easter out of ripped fabric strips and yarn.

  6. They turned out really well. Pinning!