Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Draw a Penguin: by C

Here is yet another drawing lesson from my daughter C.  Yes,  it is almost summer here and I have no idea of her interest in drawing penguins?  This is one of her finished penguins. I love it!

Get your pencils. markers, crayons,and paper ready....
Take it away C:

First draw the head like a half circle with an eye and beak.

Then, add and oval body.

Next, add the smaller belly and wings.

Now add the feet.

You can add what ever you like in the background.

Here is C adding even more detail and textures.

Finished Penguin. Fabulous!

Here is my finished penguin after C's instruction.  

I think these drawing lessons from C have been really building her confidence.  She is drawing everyday.  She is such an inspiration!

What have you let your children teach you?