Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Visual Christmas List

This is the first year that my daughter created a list for Santa. We created a list with pictures!  We don't watch TV in our house (just videos) so my daughter has never really been influenced by commercials about toys.  When she was 3 years old she wanted butterflies and rainbows.  Last year she asked for jingle bells and wreaths!  These requests were so precious and will always remain close to my heart!!  As you can see,  C is a little more influenced by commercialism, but I guess it was to come sooner or later!

To create the "Visual Christmas List", we folded our papers into 8 sections and first drew with a black marker. It was fun discussing what we wanted for X-mas.  C said, "Your list is boring!" Mine included a sweater, kitchen shears, a camera bag, boots.....need I say more?  

I always enjoy the drawings the best,  so I included this picture before C colored it!  She isn't the biggest fan of coloring,  but she has gotten better!

Here is her list again: Very hungry Caterpillar(since she lost hers recently), Mouse Trap Game, Mermaid Barbie, a new tea set, an airplane(no idea which kind), Baby Alive, small Lego set, and last but not least: Doggie Doo Game. If you haven't seen this Doggie Doo Game, it is what you think it might be! (funny for a 5 year old!) We've played with this game in a toy store and it brought many laughs!         

C had a lot of fun creating this "Visual Christmas List" and especially because I did one side by side with her.  I always did this with my Kindergarten Art students before Christmas time and they always loved it! Most of all they enjoyed sharing their lists with the rest of the class!!! 

Here is my "Visual Christmas List" (not very exciting!)

What Do Your Children Want for Christmas???


  1. So very very cute. My heart melted with her previous wishes of rainbows and butterflies. Jingle bells and wreaths. So cute.

  2. How sweet! The previous wishes are so adorable! And her wishlist this year is great! Oh my at the doggie doo game. lol. We are very low media here as well and I always feel like we get off easy this time of year because of it. Lol. This year my son REALLY wanted to ask Santa for a board game and a coloring book. When asked what board game he said "actually, I'll just let Santa pick it out". And when I tried to get him to tell me one more thing (totally because board games and coloring books aren't flashy enough for ME, haha) he couldn't tell me anything else he wanted. So as long as Santa brings those two items, anything we might buy him is just the icing on the cake. Love little kid wishes :)

  3. I love this, Melissa. Her pictures are so great.

  4. This is such a neat idea. My girl doesn't quite understand "what do you want for Christmas" yet! Today she told me she wanted pizza. :) What a great idea and will you save them to show them when they get older? :)

  5. Lovely drawings!
    My girl wants books and a board game.