Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simple Sock Puppets

C has been wanting to make sock puppets for a long time and we finally made some! This is Sock Puppy and Sock Bear.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  I think sock puppets are a great project for any age. Actually, I think Puppet Projects of any kind are a WONDERFUL project!

To create our sock puppets, we gathered some mismatched socks from Dad's sock drawer and then just brought out wide array of collaging type materials that all kids LOVE!  Buttons, feathers, yarn, ribbons, scraps of fabric, and pom poms.  And of course,  some scissors and white glue!  You could also sew your sock puppets.

I had to show C how to fold over the sock to create the mouth and where to put the eyes and tongue,  but that was about it!  You could create the mouth however you want it if you have a better way! After that, you can add hair, fur, clothes, hats, or whatever you choose!

Before C decided to create a dog she kept saying, "Sock Puppy,  Sock Puppy...." and that is why she ended up with a Puppy!  I think it is so adorable!

Here is Sock Puppy and Bear again! So sweet!

These sock puppets were FUN to play with for a day of pretend play and imagination!!! C even wanted to sleep with them.

Have you made any puppets lately? They are always so FUN!


  1. they make a lovely couple!
    love it (as always)...

  2. These are too cute! Alexis received a sock puppet for her birthday and proceeded to rip all the embellishments off so I'll keep making them on the list until the girls are older. I can't wait!

  3. They are very cute! We made sock puppets in the library once...

  4. Very cute!
    We made box puppets last week.

  5. Such cute puppets!! I love your box of scraps, good collection!

    Also, I've tried to email you back about 3 times now and it keeps coming back to me, something wrong with zoom or something. Do you happen to have another email you could use, if so, send it to mine :)

  6. Those are some seriously cute puppets! I need to do this with my little boy. He would love it. For his birthday party I put on a puppet show with some help of a couple of friends. And the puppets were huge posterboard/paint stick puppets. We've held onto them for months but I finally threw them out because.. well they are huge. haha. He was sad. I think a sock puppet might just be the thing to make him feel better. Thank you for posting! I plan on sharing!

  7. Oh, I LOVE these. We haven't made any yet but have been thinking lately - thanks to a pile of 'solo' desolate socks we have! ha!

  8. My kids would go crazy about an activity like this... we gotta do it!

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