Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Making Mandalas With Stamps

Do you have lots of pre-made stamps on hand? Well, I have the project for you.  Normally we just stamp on papers without any direction, but recently we came up with the idea of creating mandalas or radial designs with all of our stamps.  They turned out quite beautiful!
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To create Mandalas with stamps all you need:

Stamps of all shapes and sizes
Ink Pads
paper in different colors
your imagination

Now,  just start in the middle of the paper and create circles of stamps around your first circle. Basically,  you create a target design of stamps.  Here is a simple stamp mandala.

Get more detailed as you do more.  Try making some stamps closer or further apart. You may even choose to overlap stamps too.

The more stamps and colors the better.

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