Sunday, July 8, 2012

Printed Tape Creations

Have you seen the Kid Made Modern line at Target Stores?  There are some really cool creative products in this line.  If you like creative art supplies,  be sure to check them out here.  One product particularly stuck out to me in this amazing collection.... the Printed Tape and the Solid Color Tape Set.  I  think I may have loved them more than my daughter!  Recently my daughter and I (mostly me) made some creations with this fabulous tape. I'm still brainstorming on what else we can make with this tape.

Here is a picture of C creating with our printed tape.

C's finished tape collage. 


Creations from my sketchbook for TinkerLab's DPS Challenge using this tape. 


Crazy Lines

Rainbow Jungle

We are still thinking about what else we could create with this tape?

Any ideas?  Please Share.


  1. We recently bought these tapes too, I couldn't resist all those cool patterns! We have played with it a little but I have mostly just been trying to think what we could do with it. I love how you used it in your sketchbook! It inspires me to get ours back out.

    1. Katie....I'm sure we'll think of more ideas as time goes on. Maybe I'll get some input here in the comment section.

  2. Oops, hit Publish too about a game board?

  3. I saw these but haven't purchased any yet, you've inspired me to now. One of your pictures reminds me of a maze. I think this colorful tape would be perfect for making homemade mazes!

  4. So nice and creative...may be a picture frame!?...standards...

  5. I was staring at this set in the store feeling very tempted. Love your own creative explorations with this tape!

  6. We used the patterned duck tape that and made purses and wallets this summer! So fun.