Monday, July 2, 2012

Scratch Through Paintings

We've done this painting activity before and it is always fun! Basically you are painting two layers of paint and scratching through one layer.  Keep reading to find out how we made our Scratch Through Paintings.

To create a Scratch Through Painting you need:
Acrylic or tempera paint
paint brushes
tagboard or cardboard

To begin, first figure out what color you want underneath and paint your cardboard that color. Let this dry. 

Then after the paint is dry,  paint a color over the first layer and be ready to work quickly! Do not let this layer dry until done drawing.

Make sure to cover the whole cardboard/tagboard. Keep paint drying!

Take a stick (we use a cut down wooden skewer stick) and quickly draw before the top layer of paint dries.

Keep drawing until you are done.  Now you can let your Scratch Through Painting dry! Here is one of C's Scratch Through Paintings.

Here is Mom's sun too. 

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Stay tuned for more Scratch Art Ideas!

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  1. If you use crayon for your first layer then you can start "drawing" with you stick on the wet paint immediately. No waiting for the first layer to dry, so you little one can get creating right away!