Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY: Rainbow Fan

One of my High School students suggested this cool project. Just happened to have a fan with three blades in my Art room so we went for it one afternoon. The primary colors kind of mix together while it is spinning + it brightens up the Art Room.
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For this project you'll need:
-A fan with three blades and able to access the blades to paint
-Primary colors of paint
-brushes (we used foam brushes)

First, you open up  your fan so you can access the blades and prepare your paint.  It was easy getting inside the fan, but  a little trickier to get the fan back together. We painted the blades the primary colors.

Then we put the fan back together.

Lastly, we gave it a whirl.  At faster speeds it looked a little brown which makes sense because the primary colors mixed create brown. It looked much prettier at the lower speeds.
This project truly BRIGHTENED my day and so HAPPY it was suggested to me. Hope you give it a try....I think all ages would enjoy this! If I did it again I think I would try just 2 colors so that it would ultimately be a more beautiful color than brown.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Patriotic Folded Flags

This is a simple folded paper flag which always entertained my Elementary art students every time! Cassie has enjoyed making these flags too. We decided to make some for the upcoming Patriotic Holidays over the summer! You will be amazed how simple these flags are to make! 
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First begin with a rectangular paper like 12x18 or 9x12 size.

Fold the paper in half short side to short side.

Fold the folded piece again, short side to short side.

Then open up the paper so you have four sections.  I marked one section with a black pen.

Cut that marked section out.

Next, roll up the end of the paper that is pictured below. (this will become the flag pole)

Roll it all the way to the cut out piece and use tape or glue to hold the flag pole in place.  Once it is taped it is ready to be painted or colored with markers or crayons.

Cassie used red and blue paint to design her flag.

She even designed the flag pole too.  C wanted to paint the other side but needed to let it dry. 

Lastly, we added metallic stickers.  I think they turned out GREAT!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Recycled Junk Robots

Some of my favorite projects are done with recycled junk and this is a new one to add to the list. The idea comes from my daughter's kindergarten teacher. We've been making recycled robots at home too and I wanted to share how to make them.
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Materials Needed:
recycled boxes (we mostly used food boxes)
recycled Lids and bottle caps for eyes and buttons
Cardboard tubes
glue or glue gun
aluminum foil
silvery pipe cleaners
anything else you choose

To create a robot, we first gathered some food boxes, cardboard tubes, bottle caps, and lids. We built the robot without gluing to see how it would look.

Next, we covered the boxes and cardboard tubes with aluminum foil to give the robot a cool metal look. We used a glue gun for fast dry time.

Then we glued the pieces and parts together. 

Lastly, we added more bottle caps for decoration and buttons.  For a finishing touch we added silver pipe cleaners and a foil tail to make a Robot Monkey.

This one is a Robot Doggie.

We'll be making more Robot Creatures soon! Such a fun project.

We made these Tin Can Magnetic Robots a couple years ago.  Find out how to make them here.