Sunday, July 29, 2012

Duct Tape Flowers and Inspiration

Have you created with with duct tape before? On my own I have been recently working on creating duct tape flowers and it has been so much fun. Below are some of my first flowers I have worked on.  If you want some creative fun too,  I suggest you try your hand at it.  Here is the amazing video tutorial:  How to Make A Duct Tape Rose that I followed to create my flowers. Here is a tutorial for making a Duct Tape Rose Pen here, instead of using a straw you use a pen for the stem!

There are so many more amazing colors and patterns of duct tape than when I first created a duct tape flower about 10 years ago.  I wanted to buy all the different kinds of duct tape out there and if you check out Duck Tape Brand site here you'll see what I mean. (like a kid in a candy store)  I may incorporate this flower idea and other duct tape projects with my future High School Art Students.  I have always been intrigued by the Duct Tape Clothing that I have seen High School students make for their proms. On the Official Duck Tape Site they showcase a contest called Stuck At Prom in which High School students create Prom costumes with Duct tape and in return they have an opportunity to win scholarship money. How cool is that? Be sure to check out the winners for 2012 here. Here are the first place winners:

While researching Duck tape projects, I also came across this book: Stick It!: 99 DIY Duct Tape Projects by: T.L. Bonaddio, which has great ideas and inspiration for Duct tape creations.  I hope to be posting more duct tape creations in the future.


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What Have You Created With Duct Tape?


  1. I have not created with duct tape. I've heard of girls going to prom with duct tape dresses. I did not realize there was a contest! Your flowers look interesting!

  2. I think the flowers look gorgeous. I am waiting with duct tape until daughter is older, but it's so tempting!

  3. How wonderful! I didnt realise that making with duck tape was so versatile! Hello from a new follower via hellocotton :)