About Me

I am a Mom to a beautiful 7 year old daughter.  I love cooking, creating, crafting, and making things! I hope this blog inspires others to do all these things!
      We live a creative life here.  Both my husband  Bill and I majored in Art Education. I teach High School Art currently and taught Elementary Art for several years in rural, urban, and suburban school districts. I've been interested in Art since I was three years old and it was always encouraged in my home growing up.
     I began this blog as a creative outlet and to share my ideas with others.  I was inspired by blogs such as The Artful Parent, Paint Cut Paste, and Frugal Family Fun Blog....these are just to name a few.  All of this has led me to The Chocolate Muffin Tree...
You can contact me at: billyandmeliss@gmail.com

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