Holiday Related Posts

Valentine's Day:

Celery Printed Rose Valentines

Science Experiment: Dancing Candy Heart Experiment

Bubble Printed Valentine Hearts

Science Experiment: Borax Crystal Hearts

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Hearts

Shaving Cream Marbled Hearts

Spin Art Hearts

Beautiful Yarn Hearts

Heart Shaped Sun Catcher

Spiral Heart Shaped Pendant Necklaces

Heart Collage with Watercolor

Pop ARTish Spin Art Valentines

Tutorial on Pop ARTish Spin Art Valentines

Watercolor Heart Snowflakes Made With Coffee Filters

Heart Blotto Valentines

Paint Chip Valentine Cards

Snowy Hearts

Heart Blotto T-shirts

Paper Bag Stuffed Puffy Heart

Family Valentine

Salt Dough Heart Necklaces

St. Patrick's Day/Rainbows:

Shaving Cream Marbled Rainbows

Shamrock Shaped Cupcakes

Green Guacamole Recipe

Shamrock Apple Printing and Other Stuff

Roy G. Biv

Creating Rainbows With Toy Car Tracks

Styrofoam Rainbow Prints


Super Easter Paper Baskets

Hot Eggs Decorated With Crayons

Bleeding Tissue Easter Eggs

Naturally Decorated Eggs: Marbled Technique

Decorated Wooden Eggs and Rolled Easter Egg Painting

Egg Shaped Lanterns WIth Tissue Paper and Yarn

Spin Art Easter Eggs

Marbled Easter Egg Cookies

Paint Chip Easter Egg

An Easter Snow Bunny

Tissue Paper Mache Easter Egg Sculptures

Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

Mother's Day:

Mother's Day Sun Catcher

Spiral Heart Pendant Necklaces

Coffee Filter Flowers/Bouquet

Salt Dough Heart Necklaces

Father's Day:

Father's Day Portrait

Summer Holidays/Patriotic:

Patriotic Folded Flag

Patriotic Paint Chip Flags


Coffee Filter Leaves

Bleeding Tissue Fall Leaves

Fall Tree Greeting Cards

Leaf and Flower Petal Tissue Collage

Simple Leaf Prints

Outdoor Fall Leaf Art

Autumn Treasure Shadow Box


Orange Slime for Sensory Play

Spider Web Drawings

Oil Pastel Decorated Pumpkins

Colorful Bumpy Glue Spider Webs

Halloween Greeting Cards

Cute Little Clay Pumpkins

Pumpkin Puzzles

Fried Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Pinch Pots


Coffee Filter Turkey Cards

Paper Plate Turkeys

Paper Plate Turkey Wreaths

Turkey Pinch Pots

Contact Paper Turkey Sun Catchers


Paper Candy Canes

Origami Christmas Trees

Cocoa Press Christmas Tree Cookies

A Visual Christmas List

Spin Art Christmas Trees

So Easy Peppermint Bark

Lovely Scented CInnamon Ornaments

Newspaper and Tissue Paper Ornaments

Spin Art Christmas Tree Cards

Chocolate Christmas Sugar Cookies

Paint Chip Candy Cane Garland

Painted Christmas Sugar Cookies

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Painted Salt Dough Ornaments

Contact Paper Ornaments


Bringing Color to Snow

Revisiting Snow Painting

Too Cold For a Snowman---A Snowman Tree Face

Bird Feeder Garland

An Experiment in Making Snow

Snowflakes From Recycled Water Bottles

Two Kinds of Snow Play Dough

Exploring Snowflakes...Up Close