Sunday, July 22, 2012

Experiment: How to Grow a Potato

Have you ever let a potato grow like this?  As a child I was always fascinated with this and my daughter shares this same fascination.  I keep my bag of potatoes underneath our kitchen sink and this is one that we left to grow.  So all you need to do is find a dark place and place your potato there for about a month or more.  This is a great science lesson and it brings about a lot of curiosity about potatoes and how they grow.

What vegetables or fruit have you made experiments with?


  1. My preschool students grew a potato in class one year. The growth results were amazing. Everyday we came in to see that plant had grown inches overnight. We planted it in a pot of soil and placed it in the windowsill so we could measure it by the lines in the window panes. Amazing growth. I looked on my blog for a pic but sadly, no pic.

    1. That does sound amazing! You sound like such a wonderful teacher. Your students are lucky to have you. Sorry your pictures disappeared. I'm sure you'll have fun doing it again and documenting the growth with a new class.