Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Legos and Magna Tiles: Small World Play

Magna Tiles continue to be the #1 Building toy in our household.  If you've been following me you would know how much we enjoy these fabulous toys!  Check out my previous posts about Magna Tiles: Magnificent Magna-Tiles  and Marbles and Magna Tiles.  Again,  they are quite pricey, but worth every penny! You will not regret buying these.  The coolest thing is that they are magnetic blocks and they create awesome geometric structures.  They encourage loads of creativity too!  My daughter received these Tiles when she was a 3 year old and she is 6 now and has been playing with them the past week almost every day.  One way she loves playing with them is in combination with her Legos.  She builds structures with Magna Tiles and uses her Legos for the small world play.  Check out some of the pictures.

Lego people relaxing in the Magna-Tile structures.

Vehicles and towers.

A lot going on in each successive room. Flowers, beds, and a horse. 

Such serious play going on.....I LOVE this!

Here is my daughter at age 3 and her Magna Tile tower!

Do your children combine toys like this?
 Please share.


  1. wow that's actually really clever of her - using the tiles to build houses since it's much faster and easier, and then using legos to build smaller things!

  2. I love these magna tiles, and really need to get some. Combining them for small world play- genius idea C!

  3. My kiddos always combine toys and rarely use a single toy for its actual purpose! They make me laugh doing that, the animals will walk through the Lincoln Log town to eat Lego people then the younger one will drive in the RC Hummer to knock over the T-Rex or rhino. Haha! So much fun to watch kids play.

  4. I love how she combined Lego and Magna Tiles. We love ours as well.

    Best regards,

  5. I <3 Magna Tiles - we use them in our classroom and it is always a joy to watch their buildings evolve from the time they are 3 to 5 years old. It is an amazing, open-ended toy that children of all ages truly enjoy (at least 3+). I love the idea of combining the Legos, my class uses little animals and people, but haven't ventured to the Legos, I may have to introduce that during small group time next year....

  6. Hi, this is my first time here. I really love your blog and all your ideas. I especially like the way you differentiate your creation in the project and your child's creation.

    My kids constantly combine toys. We recently combined play doh with legos to create a garden.