Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 5 Process Art Ideas from MaryAnn F. Kohl

What are your Top 5 Favorite Process Based Art Ideas? This is a question I asked MaryAnn F. Kohl in our interview from a few posts back and thought it could stand as a post of it's own.  MaryAnn is the  author of a multitude of children's art books and I consider her an expert on process based Art,  so I thought this was a very suitable question.  ***I've included process based project links after each listing to get you started.

MaryAnn's answer:  "My favorites change from day to day,  so this is a tough question.  But for today,  here are my Top  5 and I'm going to list them in very general terms so the possibilities are wide open."  Each of these five has a book-full of possibilities:

1. Exploring With Play Dough 
     *Today's favorite: Mixing blobs of colored play dough to make new colors

2.  Collage With Whatever is on Hand
      *Today's favorite: Art tissue scraps painted onto paper with thinned white glue; and other supplies
            like glue and beads

3. Wood Scrap Sculpture
       *Today's favorite:  Stack and glue pieces of wood scraps into towers or flat reliefs; paint optional

4.  Painting With Liquid Watercolors or Tempera Paints
      *Today's favorite:  Draw and Color with crayons on white paper and then spray liquid watercolor on
         the drawing                          

5.  Making Prints With Whatever is On Hand
      *Today's favorite:  Roll Marbles through paint blobs on a paper plate in a pie pan

***A full List of MaryAnn F. Kohl Books can be found if you "click here".


  1. Thank you, "Chocamuffree" for sharing the art! (My niece calls you the Chocamuffree.) We should do this every once in awhile, and say... what is the favorite of today for these five categories. That could be fun.

  2. All great ideas. Need to get liquid watercolors one of these days!

  3. I loved reading the favorites. Several of our favorites were included as well. :)