Friday, March 9, 2012

Top 10 Favorite Art Materials from MaryAnn F. Kohl

What are your Top 10 Favorite Art Materials? I asked this of MaryAnn Kohl who is the author of many many Children's art books and an expert on children's art supplies.  In case you missed it, I interviewed MaryAnn a few posts ago if you want to check it out here.  Within the interview she described her Top 10 Favorite Process Based Art Projects too. There is also a GIVEAWAY of one of her books: Storybook Art along with the interview.  To enter, make a comment on the post here.  It is a wonderful book.  Now for the list:

MaryAnn's Top 10 Favorite Art Materials:

1. Liquid Watercolors *** top-favorite-can't-live-without-it-art-material

2. Plasticine Play Clay (Colored Modeling Clay, non-drying)

3. Glitter, Sequins, and other Sparklies

4. Art Tissue (white, and in colors)

6. White Glue (so many ways to use it!)

Most surprising art material?

Mix it with water and paint on heavy white paper or fabric. Surprise! It's beautiful.

Are you surprised by anything that MaryAnn has on the list?

What would your Top 10 Favorite Art Materials include?

To enter the GIVEAWAY,  click here for your chance to WIN a MaryAnn F. Kohl Book: Storybook Art.

***To add,  MaryAnn has a monthly newsletter (ArtsyKidsNEWS) filled with all kinds of Artsy Ideas.  If you want to subscribe,  go to the lower right corner of her website.  Here website can be found here or go to:


  1. tried to go to the page for the giveaway but it is saying not found. Love the list of art supplies. My favorite art supply would have to be yarn. But also love water colors.

  2. I LOVE liquid water colors!! I use them every chance I get, including to improve or change the colors of tempra paints. The "make it shimmer" paint additive that colorations sells isn't a top ten, but it's definitely way up there on the list. One bottle lasts a long time, and it keeps toddler process art looking festive.

  3. Ten choices weren't enough. Ok, we need crayons, scissors, glue, staplers, tempera paints and brushes, big sheets of paper, collage materials.... don't even get me started!!!! Love your blog, by the way. Forgot yarn!

  4. Just a reminder for those on a tighter budget:

    All my Bright Ring books are in full color PDF format on my website
    for $9.99 instead of $18.95. It's an option?!

  5. Great Post. Always enjoy MaryAnn F. Kohl.
    I agree that liquid watercolors are just about the most beautiful art material available for young children. They make us all feel like artists!