Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kiwi Crate: Art Projects by Mail

Have you heard of Kiwi Crate?  They are a Monthly Subscription based activity service for kids that is dedicated to sparking creativity in kids.  Each crate centers on a particular theme (eg. Colors, Gardening, Dinosaurs) and includes the materials to create two or three projects. The crates are designed for busy parents who want to provide enriching activities for their kids with all the materials and inspiration included in the crate.  We were lucky enough to receive one of their crates to review the other day in the mail. We received their Space Exploration Crate which was absolutely fabulous! This video tells the story of Kiwi Crate better than I could describe it. Take a look. You will be mesmerized.

Literally the Kiwi Crate was delivered to our doorstep and my daughter wanted to open the package right away.  We did.  Here is the proof.  She was intrigued right away (and so was I!)  Such wonderful packaging and beautiful supplies.  I love that Kiwi Crate cares so much about the presentation of the materials because it really did make it more intriguing for the child and parent.

There were two projects included in the Crate:  A Air Powered Rocket and A Hanging Space Mobile.  C wanted to create the rockets  and we could easily do them on the floor because no mess was involved.  Both projects came with detailed instructions which C noticed right away (great for fostering early reading skills).  There was also great information included about rockets and other space facts to encourage thinking.

The materials for the Rockets are pictured below: beautiful origami papers,  ribbon, tape in cute little dispensers, colorful milkshake straws,  and a great pair of little scissors.

We got to work right away on making these.  C loved the process and all the materials. There was even paper left over to make other creations.  Here are all the rockets we created....gorgeous.  And even more FUN to play with....the video above shows the rocket in action.

C using her air to power her rocket!

The very next day C wanted to create The Hanging Space Mobile.  This was more involved, but still kept her interest.  For the mobile,  Kiwi Crate included high quality materials again:  a paint brush, paint  (with some glittery colors too), cardboard space shapes,  a paper mache sun  and star, and glittery pipe cleaners or string for hanging.  The materials alone made the project intriguing....once again.

C had a lot of FUN painting all the space elements and cardboard pieces for the top of the mobile.

After the pieces were dry,  C and I put the mobile together.  You could either use string or glittery pipe cleaners.  I love the idea of using the glittery pipe cleaners. This made it so much more doable for a child without having to tie strings,  C could simply twist the pieces to the mobile + it looks super cool with the glittery pipe cleaners.  The mobile is proudly hanging in C's bedroom now.

I loved this Kiwi Crate and I know my daughter would enjoy receiving more crates.  Even though I do countless activities with my daughter I may consider.....I was that impressed!  

Kiwi Crate is delivered monthly by mail.  Subscriptions can be ordered month-to-month, annually, or gifted by three, six, or twelve month periods at  I love how Kiwi Crate also has an Explore More section where you can find books, more projects , and online projects that relate to each crate.

Monthly subscriptions are $19.95 per month,  including shipping.  An annual subscription is value priced at $220 and includes one free month.  Three- and six- month gift packages are available ($59 and $110, respectively).

Kiwi Crate also has a wonderful blog with additional inspiration and ideas too.  Be sure to check out their Facebook page where you can enter for a chance to win a Kiwi Crate too!

*Sign up now for $10 off your next crate or subscription. Use this link here.

Let me know what you think about Kiwi Crate?  

Do you like the idea of a subscription to receive projects for your kids? 

Do you like their blog?

Would you consider signing up for a subscription?


  1. I discivered Kiwi crate a while ago and from what I have read and seen on the site it looks great! It could also be used as inspiration for the teacher working a theme.

  2. I saw this post and couldn't resist taking a look at the Kiwi website. My daughter is turning three in May and I sent her granny an e-mail with the links as a gift idea. I think that my kids would love these crates. :)

  3. I love your rockets, Melissa. We made rockets with just straws and paper and the ribbons and origami paper take it up a notch! So fun!!

  4. Melissa,
    These do look wonderful.
    I think they would make lovely gifts - and I think if I had a grandchild I'd definitely love to purchase these.
    I think I'll need to read at their blog, for good ideas for use at daycare with my children.
    As well, I have a mobile planned and had never thought of pipe cleaners rather than string, and this is so much more child-friendly - this is how we'll now be making ours, with pipecleaners!